Donald Trump has racially insulted four democratic lawmakers of color and urged them to leave the country. How much Trump does the US tolerate?

Donald Trump has accused the four Democratic lawmakers, Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley, of going back to where they came from if they didn’t like it in the US.It must be said that three of those who had a migrant background were born in the United States and are U.S. citizens. Only Ilhan Omar was born in Somalia, but now holds US citizenship.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has far-reaching Jewish roots.She is not aware of any anti-Semitic statements.

Ilhan Omar has admittedly made statements that can be debited under anti-Semitism, but has since apologized for these statements.

Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley have also not been anti-Semitic.

At a campaign event, Trump renewed his tirades that the four deputies would tear the Us into a left-wing abyss, then took a thirteen-second pause and left his supporters unhinged lymping “Send them back, send them back!”

In a post-campaign radio interview, Trump suddenly claimed that this was not his opinion at all and that he had spoken so quickly at the event that the chants of his supporters could not be heard at all and that this was not at all. his opinion.

The Viedeo recording of the campaign event proves the opposite:

Hate choirs against congressional women: Kamer recordings refute Trump – SPIEGEL ONLINE – Video .

It is completely irrelevant whether the four democratic Members are coloured, and they all have a reason for migration.As American citizens, it is clearly racist for DT to ask them to leave the United States and go back to where they came from, deny having done so, and then again at a campaign event. and incite his followers to keep it the same.

We’ve seen in the last two-and-a-half years how much Trump can tolerate the Us.Each time it was thought that there could be no more underground, but the limbo rod of the level was still hung a little deeper. Trump supporters eat everything their masters and masters put before them anyway.

But Trump may make a serious mistake if his campaign strategy only targets his own supporters.In the last Popular Vote, he was already three million votes down, and only the victories in the swing states lifted him into the White House.

It may be that the votes of his supporters at the next election might not be enough for the White House, because this time he scares moderate voters with his wooden hammer strategy, his obscenities, and his hatetirades who elected him in 2017.

Moreover, it should not be forgotten that Hillary Clinton was not very popular even among Democratic voters.

No, much more Trump will no longer tolerate the US.

With the other answer, I would like to say that it does not matter whether the people attacked are coloured, which is quite clear because of everyone’s migrant background.

Incidentally, the inserted comic uses similar methods that have been used here in Germany before.The overly ugly portrayal of the four Deputies as hateful jokes is probably completely underground. But that was a real grip in the (well-filled) night pot.

The quotations put in the mouth of Members in the caricature are shortened, taken out of context and have a different meaning in context.

That’s the result Trump wanted to achieve.But: even the American Jewish Committee did not target the four deputies, but the President, describing his actions as: “This horrible chorus does not make America great.Rather, it eerily reminds us of a dark time in our nation’s history.”

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