Does violence in games cause violence in real life?

Know for sure.In the evening I snip my husband in stealth mode as he is brushing his teething. Moehaha-he screers like a girl! Sometimes I also attack him from nothing. I always blame the games. He thinks I’m just weird.

Just as seriously.It has long been demonstrated that games just make sure you can ventilate and therefore do NOT feel the need to leave the office with Uzi’s. In all cases where this did happen it is clear that a lot of other things were wrong with the person concerned for that moment. At such a moment the game may reinforce the feeling,
But the fact remains that the source of violence really lies with the person.

There has not yet been (to my knowledge) a moment when a sweet boy or girl was gaming, who felt 100% mentally and physically healthy and suddenly hit the murders (or became violent).There must be reason wants to have a game influence.

When I was still jog I had hours in succession with friends by Liberty City and San Andreas Gedwaald.

Right, Grand Theft Auto, perhaps the realistically most violent game on the market.Especially GTA IV has stuck with me, but GTA V has certainly made an impression.

In the beginning, violence is still involved.Little drive, discover the folder, what flies and then parachute jump. Then you start to get bored.

That car?

That crash you. First in a tree, then against a fire hydrant, then against other auto芒 鈧劉 s, and sometimes you row 芒 鈧?艙per accident 芒 鈧?against a pedestrian. Oops.

Discover the folder?This now goes by helicopter with 4 star police behind you. Your country somewhere in the desert and begins with an RPG to air the policehelicopters to collect totat you have no ammo anymore and you are shot down.

And that plane?That steal you, for which you first shoot a few guards in back. Quite so easy right? That plane then land you at the Miltar airfield and you grab a fighter jet. This is where you will shoot all over Los Santos.

I must say that I was always called the 芒 鈧?艙high end芒 鈧?criminal.I never overtook shops and always walked in the most expensive clothes and drove in the most beautiful auto芒 鈧劉 s. I was completely in my element when a DLC came out with classic Auto芒 鈧劉 s from the years 60, 70, and 80. Real Mafia so.

But well, you feel him already arriving.I do not do this in real. Like many other Dutchman, I go by train to school or work every day, earn the cost with a job, and leave when I get home the dog before I go to eat. Oh, and I have no classic car at all.

No, violence in games does not make us more violent.I in any case not.

Not so black and white, but when playing (too) many violent games, there seems to be a negative influence.

See for example here: Playing Violent Video Games: Good or bad?

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