Does the work make us happy?

Again an unrealistic expectation.Work is essentially not meant to be happy. You provide manpower in exchange for money. Nevertheless, there are nice jobs that you can enjoy. That is well taken into account. But whoever is in a factory for eight hours a day is not happy-you make some of it, you also have to.

And yes, there are people who become lyrical of their work.Nice. But not the standard.

I like my work and it’s one of the things I’m happy about.
I have meaningful work that I keep myself at least full.Indirectly, my work has an impact on some 2 million Dutch people who, partly because of my work, have a lot of financial security in the future.
My wife also makes me happy, and the kids too.And Coco, our dog, of course.

Deep inside, however, I know that all these things cannot really make me happy.They are bound by uncertainty. I have seen a previous relationship piece going, my wife and I have our own headache files and the kids also deliver an interesting challenge. And Coco: Can do little wrong, but last month a solid account of the vet… All pieces of happiness based on uncertainty. This money also for work, several years ago I had to say goodbye to a number of colleagues who I knew for more than a decade in the first reorganization that my company was through.

I would find it very annoying if I can’t work, but must also face the reality: My mother’s friend has a degenerative condition that slowly makes him go.He can no longer work, no matter how much he wants. If you’re lucky then depends on your work…

Yes, work makes me happy to some extent, it is one of the uncertain factors that brings happiness.But to be dependent on this uncertain happiness: tricky, and therefore I have gone hard to find a more stable source of happiness.

If you are good at work and you are cheerfully going to work every day, then the work makes you happy.

Even though your work doesn’t make you happy and it’s a challenge in any way, if your work gives you enough income, your work will also make you indirectly happy.

I hope this has answered your question, C茅line D茅scamps (Quora user).Thank you for asking me this question.

So far I’ve always done work what I liked.

My first summer job has brought me a home computer, which I still enjoy now, 30 years later.

Then I worked for a boss who taught me a lot, which has been very interesting, although I don’t use that knowledge anymore.

Later I ended up at call centers through my hobby (computers and Internet) where I could help many people, something I like.

And now I have finally become for which I studied: translator.I do that with great pleasure, it makes me just as happy as all the other things I have done.

Of course it is also true that you can get the happiness that your work gives you from parts of it, while not everything is up to you.Then you may not be completely happy, but happiness is in small things.

It really is what you do.If you have work that doesn’t feel like work, but more like a hobby, then your work will make you happy. Beyond this fact, it makes busy with things a human being just happier. People think it is that they would be much happier if you never needed to work, but this is not true. A man will always seek an occupation.

What I always say is that you have to look for something that makes you real happy when you are working on it.That’s just so important. I often notice that people make choices about careers and so on, influencing what their friends are going to do. People often follow other people and this can lead to being unhappy with the work they do.

So work can certainly make you happy, but also heavily depressed.Make sure you hear the people who are happy with their work:).

Work can make us happy, that for sure, there are many people who get pleasure and satisfaction from their work.You’ll hear that from managers, accountants, software developers, system administrators, factory workers, bus drivers, you name it. There are plenty of people who do nothing, or who are unhappy about it.

Where the work is not a core value to make us happy.It Is something that I strive for in any case. After all, I work to make the best of it. Unfortunately, this does not always work economically, the work you like is not always the work that is paid sufficiently or the work you are qualified for.

You can also turn the question around, how do I make sure the work makes me happier?

Currently I’m being challenged and that makes me happy.I walk against my imperfections and that is fierce.. But it is instructive so I am happy.

I learn daily.That too makes me happy.

Luckily I get from other things.

We work to live, we do not live to work.

But success everyone likes.A job or work that we can achieve in this way can give satisfaction.

And if something sociable comes to mind, it can be nice too.

Somewhere though.

Although I do not do my job for fun but for T money.

Without work sitting at home would make me unhappy, then I’m going to think too much.Then I have too much time

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