Does the universe have more than four aspects, such as matter, energy, time and space, and if so, which ones?

The Universe IS: THE Information SOURCE or the InformationSOURCE orIT IS FROM its entirety.

The universe HAT orthe universe (ER-)GIBT: Any “aspect” = surrender- HEIT = ER-GEB-NIS = a very special EFFECT, aka: “Truth[GENOMMENheit” = “Information” = “PROPERTY” –

which the brain, from/over

this Information SOURCE = True[GENOMMENits-SOURCE = Property SOURCE = ASPEKTs-SOURCE

calls = ER-finds.Via the perception process in the brain!

GE-“finds” will only be that: matter, material, in short: information SOURCE.

IF of science(l)he (I am one) the sources of information, in short: matter, examined deeper and deeper, then it lands on subatomic construction “stones”

and by no means in the case of ‘aspects’.

In this sense, the new-fashioned mania of physicists to call matter and energy in one breath, rather than proclaiming the categorical difference via

“Materie and DEREN Energy”

a category error – short and small: Un-Scientific.The proclamation “matter and energy” rather manifests/symbolizes a religious aspect-FAITH.

Because energy is – like mass, space, time, temperature, natureconstants, laws (ALL!The Legislature, the Logic,the Moral, the Physics), Gods, feelings only an ER-based ASPECT of the / over the GE-found aspect-SOURCE, the matter whose totality is the universe.

By “religious faith” I mean quite simply the belief in the same[st andconstant existence of “something”, although one cannot prove this “something” itself.Incidentally, it has nothing to do with Worship! In addition to the worldwide widespread aspect- i.e. EIGENSCHAFTS-faith, there is also at least one other Atheistic world religion: Buddhism!

Incidentally, the measurability, the ability to vote on those aspects of the universe, which we call “parameters in the language of physics”, by no means contradicts the ER-fundeability of these special “aspects”.Yes, why not? Quite simply, because the measurement is based on a mere comparison of the measuring object with a standard object, which was determined quite arbitrarily beforehand with regard to the “aspect” to be determined, to be measured. The “aspect” (also) of the measuring object is thereby determined, measured, but by no means SELF proved. The much-vaunted “objectivity” of the “aspects” called “parameters” is only feigned by a consensus on the corresponding standard objects. Also the so-called “nature constants” – more precisely: their proclaimed VALUE! -they are based accurately on this consensus.

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