Does the universe have an edge?

Is there a space in which the universe is located?
Does the universe have an edge?

No, the universe has no edge because it is not IN a medium, but the medium is the universe, the edge of which is curved inward.Such a thing is difficult to understand and absolutely impossible to draw, because we experience a dimension more than we understand spatially, geometrically. These dimensions exist, but we believe we cannot perceive them, even though our minds are constantly occupied with them and we call it time, but do not divide them into time-change and time-duration, whereby the time-duration is the actual 4th spatial dimension. We cannot separate time-change and time-duration because we cannot dissolve as high as the world is quantified.

So there is no room in which the room is located, because inside there is space and outside is the same.Yes, I stress SAME, so not something similar, the same or something else.

Where is inside and where is outside?

The apparent separation of time and space is the perfect illusion that our minds have created so that we can understand and distinguish what surrounds us.

When you see the Big Bang as radiation in the sky tent, you see the original point source at every point in your sphere of vision, i.e. from the inside.

And if you were at the bang now, you would only be able to look at it from the outside. Is this the fault of the temporal or spatial distance?

This shows that you don’t understand enough about time, because time is just a spatial curvature that your mind can appropriately shape without having to understand it.

Gravity states that all directions point from the outside to the inside to a center.All electromagnetic field lines originate from the same center, which allows the conclusion that the same cause is only the complement of the other.

This is well known and is described as the curvature of space, which can be explained geometrically but only by a 4th dimension, i.e. shows a spatial stretchability, which, like left/right, top/bottom or rear/front, has two freedoms, which the property of the quantities may be larger/smaller.In short, we need a dimension with spatial properties or a mathematical sign-infested variable. Such a similar 4th dimension is offered by the standard model of physics as Einstein’s stretchy time presentation, whose properties I can interpret as a pure spatial dimension in addition without contradicting the known facts. Consequently, the gravitationally occurring contraction effects are also the same effects of electromagnetically occurring expansion.

That is why I divide my idea into two levels.The 3D plane is where all dimensions are curved into the 4th dimension, i.e. where the curved parts of the room are submerged. The 4D plane is then the one where the curved 3D parts reappear. The 3D plane I always draw black, the 4D plane I always draw red.

A curvature means that a circle with a constant radius should be inserted into a circle with the same radius.The radius of the inner circle, the 3D plane, must be reduced by 1 Planck’s pixel so that it fits in the inner circle and the excess circle portion is then enlarged into the 4D plane, etc. until ultimately no circle is possible.

The following image shows the distribution of the quantities in the 3D plane as a hole, which point in the direction of the center of a gravitational field of action, i.e. falling into the hole, inwardly inwardly into the 4D planes, and then come out there running out, as a mountain.Concretely mathematical, each constant energy value is a single vertical line, which is then curved into the 4D plane. The inner line in the center is the smallest and on the 4D level the largest. The scaling of the distances will follow a sine curve, because the one to be considered will always be a sphere, as is the universe or a photon.

But please, don’t forget, the 4th dimension is now also part of our geometry and therefore also orthogonal, perpendicularly arranged offset by 90掳.

Because if you see the following picture, you might also notice the 90掳 phase shift, whereby you will see that both planes are shifted by 90掳 against each other and the entire energy width now also seems to swing and the oscilloscopes show then the 4D plane as a sine curve. In my blog “Bonitistic Geometry” I describe this effect in much more detail, how this process takes place in the 4D plane, but then shows its effect by 90掳 in the 3D plane.

As an animation, as a photon survey, it looks like this:

And as a universe, it would be the largest object, with the photon being the smallest object.

And that photon is just as constructed, but it moves. But where does the universe move? I think it’s moving in time.

Conclusion: The 4th dimension has the freedom to connect inside and outside as a circular function in such a way that it does not have to have any space in which the universe is located.

Where is the expanding edge of the universe,
if there can be no outside?

Actually, our minds tell us what no outside has can have an interior.This is only because we understand only three-dimensional things spiritually, but we live in a universe that has one dimension more than we believe. Explaining this in more detail is pointless now and here, I explain in my blog “bonitistic geometry“, because first of all only the direction of the mental structure is important.

Where is the outside on the edge of the universe?
Even if it were just a thought experiment, the edge of the universe is always on the spherical horizon of our contemplation.The real universe has no outside or horizon, but it has a center where inside is curved to the outside. If the universe had been formed in a singular big bang, the current edge is the maximum radius reached by a sphere. A good example would be the m枚biusband of the graphic designer Escher, where ants can only walk on the surface, but ironically, are always only on the inside.

This is exactly how you can draw a sphere without noticing that that drawing also offers a M枚bis perspective.

Because the center leads up on the top and the perspective is rotated at the equator and leads from there along the inside. Here in the animation is the respective horizontal ring, then the edge of the universe.

Nevertheless, my animated universe does not really reflect what would geometrically describe the WO in concrete terms, because outside and inside are twisted over an additional dimension in the center and I cannot represent this, because always some dimension of the Additional concealed.

So the sphere on the left is the electromagnetic representation of the inside, which twists in perspective in the center and presents itself as an electromagnetic field, like the field lines made visible with iron file shavings.

Because everyone should know that obviously something works in a place that we just can’t ‘see’.So the room is always just curved. In concrete terms, the three dimensions known to us are curved into the additional dimension.

With the picture-1 I illustrate the gravitational effects towards the center sinusoidally scaled in grayscales.

Figure-2, on the other hand, shows the complement of Figure-1 as a red electromagnetic spatial set of the set of the other three dimensions curved into the additional dimension. The sine curve is to be understood as a helix, which distinguishes color front and rear and should show that it is not a 2D function, but a four-dimensional. Figure-3 now shows the complete quantum, which includes both a universe and a photon, boson, quark, etc. can be.

In the question What is it that holds the world together at its core? I show how the 4D interior is directed to 3D exterior and thus show the origin of the repulsive forces.

In case you are interested in something like this, it was just not an excerpt from my blog “My Universe

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