Does the placebo effect have a higher dimensional force?

Yes in me opinion there is actually not such a thing as a placebo effect there is among other things in this context research done to the memory of water this has been done by a Japanese gentleman. Indeed, to demonstrate whether that means with severe dilution I Believe that homeopath Yes homeopathy might be applicable in any way

Mind you now denkhier probably Yes Japan Asia it will do I have to mention here that in the Asian drugs very strong concentrations of herbs are prescribed so absolutely no dilutions I have used them myself and they are not to Drinking but she does work in my experience huh what I have experienced with it although these people are also just 6 years in college

But to come back to the higher dimensional force Indeed there is also a theory that assumes that gravity does not originate from this dementia but as it were leaking from another dimention causing some of the effects that are not to be explained but Would nevertheless be self-explanatory or to explain the gravity of the

What does all this have to do with the placebo effect which is very simple that Japanese gentleman has been able to show that water remembers? What substance besides has stood next to it, so it has not yet been in it but has also stood This would therefore indicate that dilutions of placebos that have been in contact with water or by us the effect of a particular drug is actually getting to a certain extent do not forget this phrase to some extent if such a drug goes Work.

This evidence could prove in itself that the effect is also something that seeps through another dimention as it were.

This does not mean that if you have a violent illness you still just have to get the growths away and have to take the chemo I am only very much for a combination of both and always ask your doctor always

Placebo is the strength of the mind, it is a possible influence of positive thinking or believing that the medications or treatment will have a good effect, for example, Doctor says that it is a new drug, better and stronger.It is the possible power of persuading the doctor. Positive thinking, believing, being convinced that will heal can have a positive effect on improvement or healing.

It is also important to do things that give you pleasure and joy and where you feel good so that you can relax and relax in a relaxing state.
A lot of laughter can also be very healing.Think of things for which you can be thankful because GRATITUDE can also work very healing.

FORGIVENESS LOVE Gratitude in a relaxed body promoting the body’s own healing power, the inner pharmacy then leaves the substances free that the body needs to heal.
I wish you a lot of health, wisdom, love and joy.


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