Does religion make you a good person?

That is said, yes. It has been so systematically claimed for so long that most people believeit.You don’t even have to look at the facts, do you?

Yes, one should.But you don’t do it.

We have a lot of polls.I will pick two examples:

First question: Should divorces be allowed?

Answer of Christians, overwhelming, absolute majority in the USA: NO.Response of the atheists, overwhelming, absolute majority in the USA: YES.

The polls thus support the idea that Christians are made better by religion, because they overwhelmingly reject divorce, which is not permitted by Christianity.

But that’s the poll level.Now let’s take a look at the behavioral level: How many percent of the followers of the respective group actually got divorced, of course only in relation to those who got married?

Then the Protestants in the United States who oppose divorce are absolutely at the top.The two groups with the fewest divorces: Catholics and… Atheists.

We can also do this for other things: what about “sex before marriage”?Here we know that you can’t question the teenagers because adults generally don’t give reliable information about their sex life. However, their sexual behaviour can be read on two relatively reliable indicators: the number of (reportable) sexually transmitted diseases – 300% more in religiously educated children than in the children of atheists – and the number of undesirable diseases Teenage pregnancies, which is also significantly higher in religious teens. Which also means that the number of abortions in teenagers is significantly higher if they are religious…

This can, of course, be attributed to the fact that atheists have nothing against child sex education, while the religious right fights this by all means in the United States.

If we compare the BEHAVIOUR and do not take the self-information of the groups for cash, then either there are no differences, or they do not fall out in favour of religious groups.

We can continue to do so at country level.Whether we do this within the United States, or countries around the world, the more religious people are, the higher the murder rate, domestic violence, street violence. The more peaceful a country is – in terms of world view and on a statistical average, with only a few exceptions – the greater the proportion of atheists.

I do not think it is religion that leads to more violence.But in dysfunctional societies religion is more widespread, because it is precisely the hope that religion can solve moral problems that is spread. Only – it doesn’t really work.

If you don’t understand how statistics work – and education is lower among religious people than among atheists, statistically speaking, you can cite exceptions like North Korea, for example.In North Korea, however, the murder rate, the rate of violence, etc. lower than in the USA.

Religiosity among members of a society correlates relatively highly with immoral behavior – measured by Christianstandards.

What about what is always so often mentioned, namely that the mass murders of the 20th century are blamed on “the atheist”?This is only true if we look at a specific form of atheism, namely that with communist impact. But the more Christian fascism is in no way inferior to this, only then it is claimed, against all the facts, that Hitler, for example, was an atheist. When the “leader” was still alive, no one would have dared to call him an atheist… because he was not one, as little as Franko or Mussolini. Even Stalin, a candidate for the priesthood, prayed to God every morning in a chapel specially set up for him and confessed once a week, until shortly before his death, to an Orthodox priest – that is, the typical behaviour of an atheist, right?

What was the greatest mass murder in human history?The assassination of 80 million Hindus by Muslims at the Hindu Kush. Hindu Kush literally means Hindu massacre. But such a thing is let down under the table, because one speaks of Islam as a “religion of peace”.

So you can talk about the numbers, you leave all statistics aside, because you don’t understand them anyway, you say that murderers are not Christians or Muslims, but just atheists.In other words, you distort your worldview as it suits you. This is a serious problem of monotheistic religions in particular – one rewards false ways of thinking that lead to false views, one leaves facts at will, because they only disturb the pink image, and one has already confirmed one’s opinion.

The reality is different from what you would like tosee.This is one of the functions of religion. You feel better, you believe in your moral superiority, you don’t believe the facts, you don’t trust statistics, you don’t trust statistics, etc. One prefers to take over the propaganda of a gimbe, who insinuates Winston Churchill something that he never said. This is no different with Christians than with Muslims, one also talks one’s own past beautifully. You can have your own opinion, but not your own facts. Then you don’t have to think about why religion is so systematically wrong.

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