Does Oikophobia exist in your opinion? Can you suffer from Oikophobia?

Oikophobia is the counterpart of xenophobia.Both are not diseases but terms to put opponents away.

The Oikofoob has an aversion to the eigene, the xenophobic of the strange.

Baudet has introduced the term Oikophobia in the Netherlands to indicate his preference for a (non-existent) past.A past that was ruined by Oikofoben by feminism, abstract art, modern architecture and atonal music. In fact, he rejects cases that characterise the own culture of the last 3 – 4 generations.

As far as atonal music is concerned, I can agree with him.That’s not to be heard. The rest is just part of our oikos.

Ah Yes, we recently had a very scary illness.Then you can say thunder that the first sufferers will report to this shortly.

A phobie has no limit.

People are terrified of things that do not exist themselves.

The Phobie is as diverse as the infinitely different combinations of synapses that can be created that scare you into something.

Wikipedia: Oikophobia (from Ancient Greek οἶκος/Oikos, “House”, and Φόβος/Phobos, “fear”) is the fear of the homely environment and is in a broader sense an unease for staying in a safe existing environment.In this sense, in 19th century writings, this term is often associated with the desire to travel from home also recognizable in the German term “Wanderlust”.

Grtn, Morty

In The English Wikipedia there is a category phobias.Oikophobia Schint there indeed to exist. Most of these fobian seem to me only light kul.

I don’t like the use of this term so, given it implies a victim role.For me, that is the same as THINK of BIJ1 which immediately calls racism everywhere. In addition, it is quite difficult to prove such motives if someone exhibits behavior that you are not sure of is oikophobia behind. I do believe that too much cosmoptanism is involved, and this happens mainly in more progressive countries, so the West. And I think that is a bad thing.

The Netherlands, however small it may be, is a country with a culture and identity, just as for China, Russia or the US that is, and should not be part of a larger country.That is wrong, because then the citizen will be geographically further off from the government. I am seriously opposed to this as a federalist and lokalist.

In addition, our language is something important and I find it increasingly verenglish, for example in education, a bad thing.This has to stop.

Newcomers also need to learn the language.I am particularly interested in the knowledge migrants and EU citizens who can live with their passport from another country, without having to integrate or to adopt our nationality.

As far as I am concerned, the EU should only be a cooperative, and a passport from a country that happens to be in the EU cannot offer a right to permanent residence without adaptation.I also wonder why the EU contains Eastern European countries that have a totally different culture and socio-economic situation than us, and not countries that do have outside Europe (Canada, US, Asutralië and New Zealand)

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