Does money bring happiness or not? What is your opinion?

Yeah, right now for sure.I live as a student at minima level at the moment. Extra money means less worries and occasionally some fun.

This will have its limits, but at the moment there is still anything I would do with a million, starting with boring things like study debt paying off and buying a house.The rest that gives me that already will help an end.

Yes, you can hear it’s fantastic when it’s beating the skirting boards and you’ll be able to do what you want.

Money doesn’t make happy, but I’m rather unhappy with money than without.

Said my grandmother

But I totally agree with her

And actually I think that makes some money quite happy.Don’t need to be mountains to make a difference. Nice things can do is fine though.

But you also have to be happy without always spending money.

Psychologists and economists have focused on the question.The answer is ‘ yes ‘ and ‘ no ‘.

There is something like the law of the declining grensnut.The more you have or get extra, the less useful it is for you. A beer tastes delicious, 2 or 3 also still, after 4 or 5 you get fired and you have to pee, and you actually drink only because the others do it too. Not to mention what happens after your 10th or 20th beer.

So also with money.There are correlations between income and happiness and income and chance of divorce, but this is very strong especially in lower incomes. At low incomes, every penny makes a difference, and every penny is paid extra to much needed things: food,, clothing, rent, utility bills, health insurance. At that level, not only does more money make you happier, you’re also deeply unhappy because you don’t have enough of it.

If your income is going to rise then you will give yourself some more luxury.You drink wine and speciality beer instead of ALDI beer of 30 cents a glance, you buy a CD player, TV, computer, phone, you eat exotic, you go on holiday every year. You buy a car. You say your rent on it and take a house for sale. You can put up savings. You buy nicer clothes and can buy new clothes more often. You are already a lot happier and you become even happier, because your extra money goes to luxury that makes your life more enjoyable.

But above that, money is no longer happy.You don’t remember what you have to do with it so you put it on the couch or you invest it. You take even more luxurious products and go into a villa living with 2 BMWs in front of the door, but the luxury begins to get used and you are going to get bored. You go to exotic resorts with holidays 5 times a year, but all these luxury hotels are similar to each other whether they are in South America or Italy.

Nevertheless, you will not want to accept income backexit at this last stage: Money does not make happiness but it is fine if you have it.

Money is for that reason a so-called Dissatisfyer.If you don’t have it or you lose it then you are deeply unhappy, you get it then you become happier, but from a certain level it makes no more happy.

No, it doesn’t.But on the other hand, financial problems in our society can be a huge joy.

If you’ve left a period of financial trouble just behind you, it might seem like having money is bringing happiness.However, it only gives you rest and options. Turning those options into happiness will really do you yourself.

Thanks for asking for answer, Freek Glas.

You have what it takes to live, maybe even comfortable to live, and also enough aside for later, if it can. But it stops there.Money starting to accumulate only suffers from frustration (when do you have enough?), exhaustion (ltime but running behind more) and identification (because for whom or what do you still have time and energy?).. If you only want to end up, acidified and premature, you have to go for 芒 鈧?艙money and only money! 芒 鈧? You can’t buy happiness in a bag. You have to learn it. Lifestyle.

I think that money itself does not bring joy.But I do think that if you do the right things with the money, you can get a lot of luck.

For example, I think you are happier with experiences than from stuff.So I think you will be happier of a nice trip than you get when you buy lots of nice stuff.

When are you satisfied. There are people who are happy when they can go out for a meal. Or get a small gift. I sometimes wonder when someone is satisfied. I have never started working less in the past. I am satisfied with what I have. I don’t need a bigger house I miss nothing I can eat what I want. Then there are those that need more more and even more bigger and even bigger. And they are happy they feel good. They often feel miserable. Look at how many stars do not fully pump with drugs. Lying early under the green Zodes. Health is the most important thing there is. I myself have more as sat experience with it. As long as you have a house above your head eating on the table and no debts and are healthy then you will be rich.

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