Does it mean that a person’s appearance is absolutely no role in the attraction you feel for someone? Is this possible?

I googled it for a moment because the new formations are splashing around the ears.But a sapiosexual is a person who falls ‘ on intelligence ‘. Seems like a very hassle: whether a woman is beautiful I have determined in a few seconds, but whether she is also intelligent requires a completely different approach. And to take my test material with you every time….

Anyway, the determination of whether a beautiful person is also sweet also requires further examination.What with beautiful alone will make you too short of yourself. And for ‘ sweet ‘ I have no test.

I find sapiosexual, to be quite honest, rather pretentious.There are only a few people who are so empty-headed that their partner should be handsome, but in addition have no personality, let alone be smart.

I think that most people find their partner smart, which IQ Getalletje is.I think most people are with their partner because their inner, their personality, like them, and not because that other is so handsome.

I want to mourning people who call themselves sapiosexual, because they make themselves much more special than they actually are.They make it happen as if it is so exceptional that a name is needed. And I just don’t believe in that.

I think most people are able to love another, no matter how that other looks.Look at Es well around you. Anyone who is not handsome with someone is a sapiosexual. But that is not a distinction between clever people and stupid people, because I sometimes see people with each other who are really ugly, and also really stupid. Really not “sapiosexual.”

Just human.

I had no idea that this already had a window XD (I recently found out that I am not bisexual, but pansexual; Yay for booths!XD) but well, looks for me at least no role. The ruling “but the eye also wants what” remains incomprehensible to me. If you shop for furniture or clothing seems to me that obvious, but still not for people?
\Xa0i got to know my partner through chat.For me, common interests, intelligence, humor and attitude of life are very important. I myself have never understood why appearance and gender should play a role in finding and loving a partner. Sure the combination of certain genitals are pretty useful if you want to make babies, I also understand XD I know that appearance and gender are important to most of humanity, and that my primary preferences are an exception, but Personally, I cannot allow it to be imported. And I sometimes get the question of how to “get meaning in sex”, but my sex drive is always pretty high I have the idea. I never make any sense, just say. I do not see what my partners have to do with it. And I find an intelligent sarcastic joke really a lot more exciting than a bare chest or something XD
I have autism and recently read a scientific article that many autists are “gender blind” and are also more often bi/pansexual or asexual.So this can certainly play along.

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