Does it have any use to drink alcohol for a month?

Of course.It saves quite a bit in the wallet. Water is clearly cheaper than expensive wine or Beerenburg.

In my case, I also get clearly less often bronchitis.And that is a very big difference.

In My early years, a beer was not very special.Once out of the navy and in civil society I noticed that beer stood over the date in the fridge. It’s all context.

Is it useful to drink alcohol for a month?Oh, every day drunk is also a regular life they say. In such a case though.

It sometimes happens that I can’t remember my last beer.Do I notice some of them? Modeling. Would I like to change that? No, neither. It’s all not that engaging for me..

Yes, well.By not drinking for only a month, the liver begins to recover. When alcohol no longer has to be broken down by the liver, it has time to break off other toxins. Bizarre but true: alcohol always takes precedence over the liver in the breakdown of toxins. Due to excessive alcohol consumption, the breakdown function of the liver becomes disturbed.…

Yes of course.The longest journey starts with a single step. Of course, not every step leads to a long travels, but without that first step is a long journey impossible. So it is also with a month no smoking or drinking. You have proven yourself that you can do a month without; That makes the switch to the decision then stop altogether a lot easier.

In addition, there is the effect of attention to stopping and the support possibilities for that.And of course it is also good if we consciously dwell on the positive effects on our own health and that of others. Alcohol not only has negative effects, such as smoking, but net is mainly the increased risk of cancer being a sneak killer, besides of course the known effects of an alcohol addiction and the increased traffic risks.

I stopped smoking and drinking three years ago and now I weigh fifteen pounds more than before and I was already on the heavy side… The law of preservation of misery.In any case, according to my doctor, it is better than to start smoking and drinking again. Yes, I keep an entire industry going by people who are worried about my health. Nevertheless also a positive contribution to the happiness of those doctors, psychologists, advertising and policymakers.

It always has utility to not drink alcohol.

The question of course is how much alcohol do you drink normally?
I myself drink a glass of whisky every now and then.That is usually a glass, sometimes two. And that happens on average 1 time in the two weeks. And if I’m somewhere on a birthday or party I drink a few beers when I don’t have to drive.
I dare to say that alcohol is not a problem for me. I also think that I did not drink alcohol for a month without me having planned it.

But if your alcohol intake is significantly higher it is a very different matter.Daily use of alcohol is harmful and addictive.
For those people it would be good.Not that I expect it to be something if they go on the old foot again after that month. However, it does give them insight into what happens to them if they cannot live out their habit/addiction.

That is I think the message for anyone who does something or uses what is basically harmful. What happens to you when you stop it?Can you stop?
Those are the questions you have to answer.That and the question of whether you know it is harmful to you. Because after important government campaigns, there are still people who say they don’t know it’s harmful if they pull their heads out of the sand.

It saves you money, if you drink a lot you can repair your liver a bit (but this is too short to make a significant difference.

Personally, I don’t see so much difference between someone who drinks sporadically or not at all.

If you stop completely after chronic use, you should do so under the guidance of an addiction doctor.Stopping Cold Turkey can be life-threatening.

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