Does God exist? What does he look like? Is He a good or bad person? If he is good, why do he always support bad guys and give problems to good people?

No, I do not believe that gods exist.Not God, not Thor, not Athena, not Vishnu.

There are no proofs for that.

This will also void your other questions.

God is an illusion that people need to have a do in their lives.A kind of father figure that one does not want to disappoint. That means that God looks like you want. And whether that is a young man with holes in his hands and feet where nails have been seated, a one-eyed grey guy with a beard and hammer or some kind of monster of spaghetti makes little out of itself. God has the look you have in your head.

But does God not exist?Well. God is a concept that stands for the intelligence behind the developments within the universe. At one point there was a universe in which stars and planets arose. And at least our planet life has emerged and evolved into someone who is now typing behind a keyboard this answer. Tja芒 鈧?娄 Is that really a sign of intelligence? 😉

We humans are intelligent and do not just want to have goals but also want to understand why there is a particular goal. And the universe apparently has a purpose if you assume that the universe is intelligent. Only what that purpose is, is unknown and we people can only speculate about it.

But religion is an ideal tool for people to control the lives of other people.After all, when I know what God wants from all of us, people come to me with their questions. And by giving a wisely answer, I am happy and I get followers and OMG!I am describing Quora and myself! Quora is God, I am the high priest, my answer is his blessing, and you are now my follower!

Meh.Exaggerate is a profession. 🙂

But you understand the concept behind religions now maybe a bit.We have no picture of what God is exactly but we have enough imagination to make certain representations of it. Some people are too confident and so blindly believe what they are told. Others know this and abuse it.

Many religions also have problems with evolution, because no old religion has stood still that the world is billions of years old and that it evolves continuously.At least, that’s the theory and this theory has a tremendous amount of convincing evidence to be credible. And with it, Christianity is also contradicted because it assumes that the world is only a few millennia old. That means that Genesis from the Bible, the first chapter, is immediately wrong… According to the theory then.

So if evolution is the will of God, what does God look like and what is the goal in the end?Well, no idea. The theory only gives possible explanations where we are never entirely sure that they are completely correct. Evolution is now a proven fact because we have seen it happen around us. The ferocious wolves of yesteryear have become lap dogs in our living rooms. We humans have changed from cavemen to a guest in T-shirt and jeans that is bored behind his computer. We just don’t understand yet why all this happened…

So what does God look like?Well, as you want. My God looks like a cheese sandwich and I am going to honor it as it is lunch time. Then God is once again out of my life until he turns up again as the next thing I wish…

These are four questions.

Does God exist?

I think not.A lot of people think so, but they are getting less.

What does he look like?According to me like the image.

Is He a good or bad person?

He hates women in any case.

Otherwise he would not have punished Eve so ridiculously after eating the forbidden fruit.

Genesis 3:16 ‘ against the woman they he: 芒 鈧?Your pregnancy I make a heavy burden.Toil you will if you are worried. You will besiege your man and he will reign over you ‘

It is more probable that God does not exist at all and that the men who drafted this book had to have a reason to show that they had to be the boss of their wife.There should be about half fewer Jews and Christians after reading this ‘ verse ‘

If he is good, why do he always support bad guys and give problems to good people?If you can manipulate well and put things to your own hand you can also use this for bad things. There ‘ good ‘ people have a disadvantage.

Actually, you should see this once.It’s comedy, but with handsome arguments and it answers as good as all the questions asked.
God Loves You and he Needs Money!
You may have a laugh at Quora.

The funny thing is that I was actually thinking when, as a boy of 7, by logical thinking myself came to the conclusion that Sinterklaas did not exist and this early for my mother had gotten the chance to tell me.The main reasons were that the Sint always arrived in Almelo when he was still live on television in another place, and the fact that I often got the same sweets from Piet as my parents were in the closet. Also, Sinterklaas had a different voice every time, often very different than you would expect from an old man. So I asked my mother when I was playing in the sandbox on a hot summer day and admitted that he didn’t exist.

Then I thought, if Sinterklaas does not exist, what about God?We never see him and if I prayed he never replied. A church is a beautiful building with decorations and paintings and statues and lots of gold and silver (I was Catholic) and especially at Christmas there were many people. But where was God? And how could it be that in the Bible, the so-called word of God, stood that God created the Earth in a few days including man, while I read everywhere that we descended from the monkeys? And if we all descended from Adam and Eve and from Noah, then there was incest between the siblings. And incest was not wrong (around that time I also found out where the children came from). The first dent in my faith was at that time a fact.

Years later, when I was 20 or so, I read that a political little-Christian party in a Bible Belt village wanted to ban Sinterklaas.It would be idolatry and, moreover, faith was much more important than ‘ children ‘. But I know the were reason. If children after years have heard otherwise that Sinterklaas does not exist, they might also wonder if God does not exist. And that kind of heresy we obviously cannot have…

I once saw a documentary in which something was said God is everywhere.Also on the Internet. God can send his message by anyone. So maybe it is God who now says to you:

  1. That you have to determine for yourself, it is a matter of faith, I believe.
  2. If something or someone is everywhere, Nouja, then you will see yourself like that or that looks anyway,
  3. Just find him honors, and then decide for yourself whether good or bad.

In any case, it is not that the good ones always have luck and the bad guys always unlucky, if you want to see something divine in there. Exaggerating is also a profession. There is no good evidence that a god or gods exist.And there is no religion whatsoever that is really busy. It’s about believing in the stories of the writings.

And that may work very well for some people because they are going to find their ego less important by targeting a god or gods.

No.End of conversation

A question from the Patafysica.How large is the surface of God?

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