Does faith in God need proof? If not what is it?

[“‘ It makes no sense to believe in things that exist. ‘-Kleingoderij, Terry Pratchett

“,” Believing is something for where to accept without you having a good reason for it.
Superstition is belief in something supernatural.
Ergo: Believing in God (and) is superstition.

Believing is nothing good.It is the stoppage of thought.

If someone has been murdered, and I say, “It was that guy there!” and faith would have some value, then I just have to convince someone of my assertion and evidence would be irrelevant.Just a big jaw is enough.
Fortunately, that is not the case.

Another, but now completely innocent example.Imagine visiting me at home. I point to an object in my apartment that was already in that spot when you walked in. My question: “Have I put that there, do you think?”
You will probably answer it, since I live there and that all alone.But it could have been as much a friend or the cleaning woman.
Your conclusion that I was it because I live there is wrong.

Without evidence draw conclusions is not good.Therefore, “faith” is also not positive and superstition much less.

If you want to claim that there are gods, then you must prove that.After all, there is no reason to believe that gods exist. Without any evidence, “believing” in Gods does not save anywhere.
Assertions require evidence.Extraordinary assertions require exceptional evidence. Gods are the most far-fetched concept we know, and therefore require particularly strong evidence. There is simply no evidence of this.

Therefore, an atheist can also simply reject the assertion that gods exist.And that is what we do.

The real faith does not need proof.You believe or you do not believe. As an outsider, I have never had that problem: I do not believe, and that is very logical and clear. From the moment you put things into question, you notice how illogical everything intertwines and every right-minded man comes to the conclusion that there is at least some apron to the churches and the faith as it is being wasted. But in addition, you can still believe “just”. Just that is not spent on me.

Translated from my English contribution (see link) and adapted slightly

I am sorry, I cannot provide you with my current level of expertise with evidence of the existence of God.In any case not the way you would accept. I do not possess sufficient knowledge in geology, genetics or paleontology in order to go into depth in these aspects. You will have to do it with a subjective subject, namely myself. And the love of God as my faith. I sometimes give an opinion in contributions but try not to have pretensions to prove something according to scientific standard.

One reason I’m not going to try to convince, at most witnesses.Not because of impotence or inscience, but because I am intelligent enough and too honest to deny an authentic understanding for your thinking frameworks, which in themselves are rational. Haha, I would be able to apply reverse psychology at most. I myself experience a relational-dynamic connection with God, which for me personally is sufficient proof. That gloried imagined boyfriend is excellently able to experience commitment with it.

That, of course, remains a very subjective event for many readers, far beyond a scientific paradigm.So unfortunately peanut butter: you will have to do it with me as ‘ God’s proof. ‘ A strange boarder of the Lord who believes him to know and experience, albeit without pretensions. At least I’m trying to decrease, what happens with trial and error. I have no need to prove or defend anything. And from that perspective I feel free to also consider and accept your vision as understandable. Agree to disagree.

English Answer Cornelis Zandbergen’s answer to what’s the best argument you’ve heard to convince an atheist to believe in a religion?

14.The Natural Religion (Al-Fitrah)

Evidence can help or be necessary for someone to gain or increase certainty, especially since one is not only being who they are by own choices and their selves but also by the environment.

Evidence is also present even though many people don’t think so.Then I talk about the real God and not about the father of a man, as is sometimes said, or a man with a beard and a throne somewhere high in heaven, for example.

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