Does consciousness exist, or do our brains trick us?

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The real cause of the mental ideological assertion of consciousness, however, lies in the neural world simulation, which more or less performs every type of brain:

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To “trick”:

Our self arises from the neural simulation, in the center of which of course the own person must be, since the neurosimulation serves precisely to protect the individual.

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Still, the brain tricks, more precisely, its genes, which have built up the brain and keep it functioning.

And that is the neurosmimation creates the impression that one is directly present in the events of the surrounding area.

In fact, you only get a time-delayed image of the environment (because the brain needs computing time), which is why you always have problems with braking, but also in real life you can’t always know what’s really happening, because you can’t see it directly, but only a neural cybernetic extrapolation, which can never represent reality in real, so that there can be many deceptions and misconceptions.

The consequences and problems from this would now be too extensive, so briefly to emotions:


Emotions are genetically-cybernetic programs that emotionally color what we see and grasp with our senses, so that a piece of biostructure sometimes feels highly pleasant, or even frightening, such as skin:

If it is the skin of your own girlfriend/wife or another close person, we have very good and pleasant feelings when touching.But if it is the skin of a stranger, a dead person or an unknown being, THE SELBE skin may generate the highest feelings and horrors.

Corresponding experiments are easily comprehensible when a subject is invisibly given a piece of warm skin-like biotissue to feel behind a curtain, and at the same time he is told that this would be his girlfriend, and sometimes a prison inmate.


Emotion programs colour all impressions completely according to evolutionary necessities, which is why you get good feelings with edible products with known good taste, and with others less good feelings down to disgust.

The same applies to groups of people, facial expressions, gestures, colors, etc., etc., etc., which the brain occupies with its own feelings, without which we always know why one image feels good and the other produces bad feelings.

The brain works independently of what some people think is awareness, and simply conveys the emotional impressions necessary for the respective situation, such as fear can arise in the event of danger, and in the case of free skin, lust, which we do not voluntarily can produce itself, since it is always calculated neuralally by individual neuroagents, for reasons usually unknown, so.

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