Does climate change really exist?

The answer is simple:

What has been produced over the last 400 million years or so from CO2 of biomass lies largely in the soil of the earth as coal, oil, shale, etc.

What is now

400 000 000 years

CO2 has migrated into the soil, is now being

200 years

industrialization has been taken out of the ground and suddenly blown into the atmosphere.

Anyone who can think a little, this glaring mismatch of the climate pollution caused by CO2 should be

1 : 2 000 000

take a closer look at what no atmosphere can last and draw realistic conclusions about climate change compared to the last 200 years or so.

Those who still think they have to deny or play down (weather has always been and other scraps) should just look at the satellite films of the last 10…20 years about Europe, and compare how clearly the weather is moving from year to year towards the has moved hot.

This becomes clear on the cloud train, e.g. by means of the jet stream over Eu. etc., which makes it clear to anyone who takes a closer look at how much the climate is changing negatively.

Spring and autumn alone have almost disappeared, between winter and summer less and less transitional time, simply because the jet stream shifts considerably and permanently and weakens.

The southerly wind directions increased considerably, partly because the Russian highs barely reach Western Europe in winter.

Wind speeds increase in a higher ratio than the temperature, i.e. no linear ratio, which increases the effects towards an exponential increase in cloud migrations and hurricane inclinations.

Russia highs over Western Europe in winter, as in the 80/90s, are hardly stable or persistent, which is why constant weather changes are permanently called for.

Stable winter conditions are only rare, but the hot air supply from the Mediterranean/Africa/Equator increases considerably in summer, which even some cool summers do not change, as every satellite film has shown for several decades.

The hot summers are becoming more and more frequent, as every statistic proves.

Why climate deniers so disrespect reality and don’t want to see the clearest facts is really amazing.

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And thanks to Roland Bischof for his initiative and texts on the subject.

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