Does cigarette smoking offer benefits in addition to the many disadvantages?

Of course!

Smoking connects as smoking couples die early together.Smokers value the value of their money by smoking it instead of letting it acidify on the savings book. Smokers who use their beer bottle as ashtrays often replace old bottles with new ones in the beer industry, allowing beer connoisseurs a fresher beer experience.

Smokers can pursue their hobby almost anywhere and at any time.If you smoke, you get your third teeth faster and therefore you don’t have to be so careful with your right teeth. Taking sexual enhancers can lead to painful permanent erections. Smoking can in this case remedy due to erectile dysfunction.

Pregnant smokers support local kiosks and promote the expansion of special schools.Smokers support poor, poor tobacco farmers in developing countries. Smokers can invest huge sums in promotions to support the advertising industry.

By falling asleep with a cigarette in bed, the purchase of a smoke detector was finally worthwhile.Smokers have more lighters at concerts, so that they can provide beautiful lighting effects in rhythmic movements. Smokers are generally more likely to ventilate, as the sweet smoke note is reliably reminiscent of opening the window.

Smokers die on average 9 years earlier, which relieves the burden on our pension system, how horny is that?Smokers offer environmentalists a basis for argument. Smoking accelerates (similar to coffee) the digestive systems and helps to maintain a regular bowel movement rhythm.

Smoking is a good thing in a healthy family.The first cigarette is the most delicious. Whenever someone smokes a cigarette, beautiful clouds of smoke arise.

Excessive coughing attacks remind smokers of the benefits of non-smoking.By smokers, the tobacco industry finds customers for its products. Smokers find tobacco farmers who buy their tobacco, because the tobacco industry would not need tobacco if no one smoked cigarettes.

Smokers have an easier time getting to know a smoking woman.The filter of a cigarette is made of cotton and is therefore excellent as a syringe filter for consuming boiled street heroin. Smoking is seen as a sign of intelligence and prosperity. In many countries is also a symbol of charity.

Illegal cigarette smuggling creates jobs for the Federal Police and customs.The length of a conventional cigarette corresponds exactly to the layer size of an NF stone. This encourages non-smoking bricklayers in their social skills, as they will ask their smoking colleagues for a cigarette as part of their training in order to see the layer size of an NF stone. Smokers get the jobs of street cleaners.

Without smokers, cancer research would not have progressed so far.Smokers die earlier. They are therefore less interested in problems in the world and therefore live carefree. Smokers often need to go to the doctor, and are therefore examined more frequently. Smokers pay tobacco tax and thus support the domestic economy.

Smokers deny their health and therefore spend less money on health insurance, leaving more money to smoke.Smokers don’t get upset when they miss the bus, they smoke one more. Smokers can take smoking breaks at work. Many people start smoking so as not to be discriminated against during working hours.

Smokers are more social because they also share lighters with strangers.Whether large or small: smoking is always fine. Four cigarettes smoked in one piece correspond to a healthy meal. We recommend that you also have a beer.

Cigarettes are a healthy entry into crime: your puberty son can do something illegal by smoking a cigarette without ending up in prison.Smokers are becoming increasingly rare. Protect this rare species and start smoking today. Smokers always have something to do, as they bridge waiting times with smoking.

Smoking relaxes the soul and stimulates the grey cells. Occasional smoking strengthens the immune system and general well-being.Smoking tastes and is always welcome even in enclosed spaces. If there are smokers at a party, the ashtrays were not set up for nothing.

Smokers reliably form stable cornea on their thumb strains as they train daily with lighters, making it easier for them to press buttons.Smokers support the manufacturers of well-known lighter brands. Due to the fact that smokers are likely to have a working lighter anyway, there is no need to order a lighter for the New Year’s Eve party.

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