Does anyone have psychosocial advice for (high) gifted people who have never had guidance?

I myself am a Mensa member and mentally Gestin (so some experience with psychotherapists and so) so I have some experience with it.

What you need to realize is that the therapist is probably less clever than you will be.It is therefore important to choose a therapist who is not too teoretically involved. If they do, you will soon have a feeling of “where lult ie is now over” and then it is a bit of a thing of the session to keep it.

So choose a magnificent, non-academic approach.Haptotherapy is good. Cognitive behavioral therapy can also be good. However, the modal psychologist or psychiatrist is not exactly good for gifted, and the somewhat floated currents are completely bad for gifted. Even though you are self-floating you will probably find that the modal float therapist has eaten little cheese of hogulence.

There are psychologists and maastic coaches who are highly gifted and specialised in this, so if you are in need of a somewhat teoretic and/or floating approach, that is an option.

Difficult question without further context.

It is true that gifted people are more likely to feel isolated.Search for people with similar intelligence, through specific contact groups such as Mensa, or specific groups of interest (Bridge, chess,…). Also certain extreme sports (skydiving,…) prove to be popular.

That may be the most important advice I can give.You often feel alone, but you are not. You just need to find something more specific.

I am going out of emotional guidance.

Giftedness is lonely life.You may have to make cognitive giftedness an emotional one too. That is difficult, because a piece of your personality is genetically determined. But it can.

My advice is:

  1. Embrace you with equal spirits.

Avoid intellectually or emotionally simple minds.

  • Live sober and wear the clothes that others also wear: you already distinguish yourself with your words.
  • Austerity also gives an overview.

  • Learn to deal with the daily stupidity of others.
  • Maybe you can save a coin. Yeah, I know well what I’m saying.

  • Customize your language use to your audience.
  • Scan how far you can go with yourself to be in the presence of others.
  • You may well be too much for some people.This scares people off or awakens jealousy.

  • Don’t laugh if you shouldn’t and say no if it’s No.
  • Be reliable.
  • People will then be sent to you.

  • Let people first touch you before touching them.
  • anything you say can and will be used against you.
  • Think before you speak. Verba volent, Scripta standing, maybe, but people also have memories that sometimes go across generations.

  • Go home in time for a good night’s sleep and live regularly.
  • This is perhaps still the most important advice.

    I don’t know if I am gifted, but I do know that these rules help me to get through the day.

    Always assume that the person against you has something to say, that you do not know yet.Go outside and learn to listen but focus not so much on the hard facts but look at the context.

    Stay curious, don’t look for happiness, which is an error that many people make the “search for Happiness” Try to give your life value by taking responsibility on you.And go with people you actually want to deal with.

    And maybe if you need it you can go looking for a professional to talk to, if you do then be open, and learn to listen again.Really listening is one of the hardest things you will ever learn.

    And more than all that, learn to enjoy, remember that the how, or what is often completely unnecessary for enjoyment.

    Do not walk next to your shoes.If necessary, complete your studies, you must have a diploma to be able to do something with it. Turn your heart and soul into a charity.

    ‘, ‘ This is so personal that there is actually no good answer to give.Of course, there are those ‘ guidelines ‘ for Hiq’s or HB (why ‘ high ‘ actually in parentheses?), but besides being gifted, everyone has his or her personality style. So you could turn on an expensive coach or maybe ask for advice from an expert. Where you can then lose some more personal information.

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