Does a person realize when they act passively aggressively?


If I sniffed on Google here, I can’t say that I’m nicely under the definition and signals that were described there.I would rather speak of passive defensively, but that is in each other’s extension.Sarcasm is covered and I can communicate reasonably at times. In addition to the wisdom of life, my life experience has also yielded a bit of life bitterness. With moments I think it is also functional.

I’m not going to do as perfectionist as it used to be by analyzing my own behaviour and motivations, where nobody shoots anything.I allow myself to kick, provoking and grumbling with some dosage. As you understand, I can confirm the question for myself but I am not going to arise holier than I am. I do try to give the same mildness to others that I also gun myself.

Being authentic means for me a piece of human stay with sharp edges, even on the verge of reasonableness or something about it.I try to be accountable, but I’m not going to anticipate with desirable behavior. A correction of the attitude “Mister nice guy” means that I will come out of the corner hard with moments. As I wrote: do Not knock on the gates of hell, if you do not want them to open.

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