Does a narcissist necessarily have a high IQ?

There are certain test methods for determining the IQ.There are many ways to perform “better” in such tests than if these possibilities are left unused. Diverse training in overcoming abstract tasks can improve IQ by a few points. These include number games and mathematical or logical puzzles. Even certain classical music should help, such as Mozart. There are studies in children that appropriate training over a few years can increase IQ with 10-25 points.

The point here is that the IQ is located especially in those parts of consciousness where the ego is located.This formulation may be a bit vague in detail, but it is important that narcissists move primarily at the ego level. There they perceive their feelings, but they always recognize them as causedfrom the outside.Therefore, dealing with feelings is a mathematical-abstract way of dealing with them, provided that narcissists deal strongly with their feelings in cause-and-effect patterns and cope with them, since they experience these as externally caused and for this externality the same Cause-effect explanation strategies apply, at least by virtue of the very successful scientific explanation paradigm. In the course of the success of that paradigm, modern man has indeed become very vulnerable to explaining the world and himself, including his feelings, according to this model. For the narcissist, dealing with his feelings is therefore an ongoing ego training, provided that he reduces himself and the world and the interaction of both to causal enticulating. Through this trouble-prone long-term training, the narcissist has significantly increased the performance of his abstract assets than he would have, without this disorder. Without narcissism, the person would therefore perform worse in IQ tests. So the narcissist is more intelligent than he would be as a non-narcissist.

The parts of the intellect improved by the training should now actually be noticeable.Similar to how a specially trained body stands out in that it will perform certain physical tasks better and faster than an untrained body. The fact that this training is not particularly noticeable in the narcissist is due to the said broad assumption of the causal scientific explanation paradigm. If you reduce correlations in a very causal way, you can introduce them much more easily into the argument patterns, which are also strongly influenced by logical and mathematical influences, than people who lack this exercise. But because most people are now strongly impressed by the viability of the scientific explanatory paradigm, the trained narcissist does not notice them very much, even they tend to think the narcissist is much more intelligent. when his intellectual abilities would predict this under normal, i.e. non-narcissistic conditions.

What hardly notices the neurotypical person is that the narcissist is relatively free of self-doubt.This makes his analyses, just like their argumentative embedding, fast and accurate under the framework of the scientific explanation paradigm. Since time is also an important factor in IQ measurement, narcissists objectively appear to be more intelligent than neurotypical individuals with the same intellectual abilities.

The whole catch, however, is the psychotype of the non-narcissistic person.Power of this type is the non-narcissist much less ego-fixated than the narcissist, i.e. it is always connected with a dimension called by psychology the self. In this self or self-life, our most real and also deeply individual needs and thus also potential assets are located. Not that we want to be loved, but that we want to be loved in this way and in this way. Not that we want to be a policeman, but that very policeman. Not that we want a partner, but exactly that partner. Not that we want to live our self, but precisely that self. None of this is clearly in our consciousness, but we have a clue about it and follow that ineclusors in life. These circumstances do not make life easier, but extremely complicated. Over and over again, we are plagued by self-doubt, especially when we can’t drive on autopilot and something new or unexpected happens for us. In general, it is always such eventsthat fascinate us and drive us to our self, to explore it and to live it more appropriately.In terms of intelligence promotion, however, this is a waste of time. For the handling and coping with events is anything but causal-mathematical, but rather over categories such as beautiful/ugly, good/evil, joyful/sad, etc., i.e. rather “literary”. Mistakes are also almost pre-programmed, especially since what we find beautiful and uplifting today, such as a speech by Hitler, we already feel tomorrow as devilish with all sorts of shades in between. In the causal-mathematical model, of course, there are also errors, but these are one-dimensional with correct as the only alternative. Mistakes made under this model can be revered, but the alternative is usually the complete opposite. Mistakes in the first “literary” model, on the other hand, rather fell deep into the person, so that they fall into a deep swamp, which takes a lot of time and energy to escape, but the personality develops, which develops not in increased intelligence, but rather in immeasurable wisdom.

The neurotypical person does not feel the greatest happiness when something hits you from the outside, such as the jackpot, but when something happens in it, which can be stimulated by the jackpot, but just as well by a butterfly.In all cases, such events are about lasting happiness, inner growth, self-incarnation, while the jackpot is soon bored and the butterfly has long since been caught up in the winter cold. All these occupations, however, have an inhibiting effect on measured intelligence, where it is not a question of responding conscientiously, but of being quick and unscrupulous.When asked if the killer was wearing black or white gloves, one is still quite shocked at the fact that he was wearing gloves at all. And that brings trigger points to iq that the narcissist doesn’t record, because he doesn’t care.

So the narcissist does not know this whole dimension of the self.He has had to close himself off due to trouble and have to replace himself with an articulate ego self. The life of a narcissist is so superficial. Feelings are caused to him externally, which is why with the disappearance of the cause the feeling disappears and only yawning boredom stares at him. The neurotypical person, on the other hand, knows their feelings from the outside, but always worked by the self. For example, if someone praises us for a good job, we usually know that the work was good, but now we dare to give ourselves this praise. The praise is so from within. And this effect triggers gratitude to the person who praised us; not because of his praise, but because this praise has triggered the self-praise that we now dare to feel.

In this interplay between self, ego and personality, the neurotypical person seems extremely sluggish.It rarely reacts ad rem, but always in checks and balances.If someone you have been analysing for a long time suddenly declares his love, you are stunned and open yourself only after a long inner back and forth.If you recognize the missing number in the number series in the IQ test right away, you don’t believe that, and look at it twice more, and futsch is already a point. The narcissist is not plagued by such twigs. He also tells you on your first date that you are the woman/husband of his life. If you ask, he says bluntly, “you look great, have a good job, nice car, great apartment, stand like me on dancing and spinach, just you drink red wine instead of white wine, but I find that incredibly funny, so logo that I totally stand up to you and love you like crazy t”. All this without tampering with a syllable, in a way of reasoning that actually robs all air to breathe … a-breathless through the night. Who doesn’t want to throwhimself around the neck of such a person right away?But if you take a closer look, only externalities are mentioned, which are also all correct and coherent, but only for the narcissist, because there is definitely something to tinker with at the great apartment: it is not so great again.And then I don’t mention your great look for simplicity. Nowhere is just a syllable of narcissistic word salad. This comes later, when the narcissist gets into Stess and his facade becomes brittle.

The arguments in the word salad are partly unsurpassed in manipulative ingenuity.Rarely does the narcissist then say “I want”, but like to be a “you shall”, with which your morality is claimed, which makes a conscientious and sincere rebuttal extremely difficult. One is formally forced to sincerity, which is why the answer does not come as if shot from the gun, but sluggish and full of self-doubt. The narcissist is unaware of what he is doing to the other; it controls on autopilot. A “you shouldn’t spy on me all the time,” the Farge evokes, whether you actually do this all the time, but especially whether the spying is really so wrong. Because if the narcissist refuses to reveal anything, you can often look quickly without spying on someone behind the back, for example by means of a hired private detective, although there is always much more to be revealed than you are. wanted to know (that is, what spying means and what evil consists of). And then the narcissist slams the door on you with word salad like, “Live happily without me!” So carefulthat it almost moves you to tears.But: who is happy when a relationship breaks down and sees himself at the moment on a beautiful island in the Pacific a cocktail drink by the blue pool with ‘ner great mieze or pike? absurd! But the narcissist can do it and sees it in front of him, immediately, without blinking eyelashes. This is where all his strength and strength lies. Ingenious and unsurpassed, who can go out of a relationship like that, almost raised head. What he has for himself in petto is attributed here to you. Which is actually perverse because you can’t think so you can’t think about it). But he spoke causally and logically right. No syllable in the sentence is deceit and lie. Only you would have liked to have imagined things differently, and this farewell lasts. But what arrives is yours and comes from you. The South Sea Island becomes R眉gen, the cocktail a fresh cow’s milk and the pool the grey Baltic Sea. But happy as never before in life, but adorned with this grey-green wreath, that this happiness does not come in naive form from the outside, as in the case of the narcissist, but from within, with which you have not yet come to terms. This turns happiness grey.

So yes, the narcissist is smarter.Also necessarily and due to disturbance, provided that long-term ego training has helped him to do so. But if I present you the series of numbers now 2… 4… 6… 8…? And you get stupid, because you want to say 10 right away, then only because you have understood something much more difficult, on the other hand the 10 takes your intelligence on your arm and you feel taken by me on the arm.

So, how intelligent is real intelligence, which involves the self, so is more complex, therefore also slower and above all more self-doubting than all measured intelligence?

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