Does a homemade pizza taste much better?

MY definitely.

For example, I once provided a maternal friend, my then boss, whose only co-worker I was, with one of my pizzas.She actually wanted to go to one of the local pizzerias, but I didn’t really like it. I then persuaded her to my pizza. Afterwards she never wanted to go to a pizzeria again….

And on another occasion, at the time, I was sitting in the guard at a reception, a member of staff approached me.Somehow I must have mentioned that I like to cook. In any case, he asked if I could suggest something to him, what he could cook, even though he was actually ungifted, so what had to be LIGHT AND also impressed his girlfriend.

I then gave my pizza recipe and explained exactly how he had to do it and what he should pay attention to.He has kept to that. And his girlfriend was so enthusiastic that she gave him the yes-word when he proposed to the meal.

The part, the real reason for his cooking for the girlfriend, the good man had forgotten to tell me beforehand… Afterwards, however, he told me joyfully.And I was invited to the wedding.

But I didn’t have to bake pizza there…

EDIT.Because of demand.

I’ve changed my pizza recipe over the years.

I did that at the time, quite uncharacteristically, with quark oil dough instead of yeast dough.That’s why the non-cook has succeeded.

Basic Recipe Quark Oil Dough Recipe

With flour I have replaced a part, usually 1/3 with rigging flour.Some fresh herbs also came into the dough.

but now I also take yeast dough.Like the one here.

Making your own pizza dough: a simple recipe for homemade pizza

Important is the flour, not only wheat flour, but stop, as here, e.g. spelt flour.or part rye flour. And herbs underneath….

I used to make the dough more American thick, today the thinner, as yeast dough does not let go so long, then it becomes nicely crispy.

But it always depends on how many people I make the pizza for.The dough is full when it is nicely thick.

Have already tried ready-made dough from the discounter, it wasn’t even so bad. On the dough comes tomato sauce.In a way, tomatoes, formerly tomato ketchup, today mostly homemade tomato sauce passed.

Here’s what’s on:


Onions (steamed)




(and what else tastes like this, quantity depending on the blackhead!)

This then comes in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes.At 180 to 200 degrees (pizza oven is of course better, but not everyone has. Baking time varies depending on the dough and the desired crunchiness. Circulating air, under heat I switch to when the cheese comes on.)

After about 15 minutes look, then I know how long it has to bake.In addition, the grated cheese comes over.

I mostly take profane gouda, middle-aged, but it gets good only with additional sheep cheese cubes and the classic mozzarella.Edamer is also delicious.

Spices at will, directly on the tomato sauce, or equal

“Lion Ketchup”

2 bottles of passed tomatoes a 750 ml, or 1.5 ml from the carton.If you have time, you can also make it yourself from fresh tomatoes.

4 large onions

1 handful olives

3 – 6 cloves garlic (depending on size and preference)

Finely chop the onions, olives and garlic or puree with the blender.

Steam in a large saucepan with plenty of oil.

2 tsp beetroot and mix well (can be replaced with sugar or other syrup, e.g. agave juice, or maple syrup)

Add tomatoes.




Masala Garam

Lemongrass (powder or paste)

Herbs (fresh or dried)

to taste, but not too economical!For the quantity, at least 1 tbsp each should be

Chili (powder, paste, fresh, chopped pods.Depending on the. I usually take something from everything, chili paste is, of course, homemade)

Vinegar, 3 or more TBSp, I take balsamic

Mix well, bring to the boil and bring to a boil over a low heat.

Season in between, and season if necessary, to taste.

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