Do your parents have your child drink alcohol/taste it when you were a child? What do you think of it now?

Yes, I was allowed to drink wine and beer very early (in appropriate quantities).It fitted with a festive meal, and I grew up with it in that context. Neither my parents, nor myself, are or were great drinkers. I think this has determined my attitude towards alcohol, it has never enabled me to “go flat”. What do I think of it now? It is socially no longer accepted, but I do not agree. By categorically banning alcohol, you make it more risky.

Just a story about alcohol, from my family.From the 19th century. Rotterdam, poverty, unemployment. My grandfather was a boy of a year or 10, and there was not much to eat at home. His aunt had a good trade and had some money: she acted in butter barrels, she bought them used in, made them completely clean with scrapers, sand and soda and sold them again for reuse. My grandfather was allowed to visit her every week, and he got a whole herring, bread, and a big frizzy beer. He grew up healthy, had a good life, and did not leave the world at a very high age.

I always drank the last bits from the glasses and then thought GADVERDAMME!
Because it was not something secret and my finding so gadverdamme I just handled it well.I think I was only going to drink alcohol myself (except for a party once a year) when I was 18 orzo.
Before that I drank a beer with still ‘ Gadverdamme! ‘ it couldn’t be so charming.I sometimes drank a cocktail with my parents when we were on holiday, but then it just stayed with one.

Maybe it plays a big role that I get it so tremendously hot from alcohol.Even today I drink very little. They are also periods. In the summer I drink in proportion much less than in the winter (and it’s already bizarre little). Then I get it far too hot so it stays standard with one drink and often also only on an occasion. If we sit on a terrace or something, at home I drink little. I also can’t drink at my food that never goes well (also no ordinary drinking).

I think that my parents have dealt with it well, but I also believe that my own personality plays a role in this.

What I find so difficult is the following.There is now 0.0 beer (and then also really on the back also 0.0) with lemon. My son of 11 likes it.
It also just tastes like 7up if you ask me (or dreft;)) lol.
He wanted to try a sip once.Fine. Now he asked if he could also be a ‘ 0.0 beer ‘ in the summer. Here I have trouble with it.

On the one hand I think. There is no alcohol in it, but it does have the association with beer.Then there is still imaging, but well that is secondary.
On the other hand, my son is now drinking alcohol-free and giving him a good feeling, it might also make sure that in real beer, like me, he will think for a long time ‘ Gadverdamme! ‘ On the other hand, he will perhaps make the step easier for alcohol and I do not want to.

For now I have shifted the focus to soft drinks.He is allowed to pick from me 1 can per week (which is not sugar free or what is more expensive). For the rest he likes to drink water and limo with less sugar. That is not because I think he is not allowed to sugar, I myself react very badly and I also saw that he gets huge road racks so he can do it, but at times he doesn’t have to concentrate on school.


I was allowed to taste wine early and later (from a year or thirteen) also drink with it.A glass of wine always came with a treatise on this wine. From where, which grape variety, in which to drink, striking characteristics. Wine drinking was knowledge transfer. And always with the emphasis on moderation. Drunkenness was immature behavior. My parents drank wine daily, but I’ve never seen them drunk or even on the go.

I drink alcohol, preferably wine or whisky (or Calvados).I was never drunk and the last time was slightly lit when I was given a very nice whisky for Mother’s Day more than ten years ago. -I was glad I never had to cook on Mother’s Day-drinking alcohol in the early morning has brought me respect for alcohol.

My partner comes from a strictly Christian environment.He was not allowed to drink alcohol as long as he was in his parents ‘ shelter. He has no brakes. One beer soon becomes a lot of beers and a glass of wine always leads to an empty wine bottle. From spirits he has been drunk so often (in his younger years) that he is already sick with the thought of a drink.

We have three sons, the youngest falls just below the group that in public until his 18th had to wait to drink: he drinks the most.Indrinking, rubbing alcohol in parties, trying everything to drink anyway: if you want to make alcohol exciting you have to ban it!

I also offer you the story of my grandmother:

Her parents were employed by a Belgian Baron, as Steward and head of household.Their children were raised to be able to function in the highest circles in a service profession. And that’s where the right table etiquette belonged. Grandma drank from her third daily wine when eating, first diluted with water but from a year or ten without.

Coffee on the other hand was (as everyone knew) very unhealthy for growing children.She got her first cup of coffee at her eighteenth: coffee wrong with a lot of milk.

And which relates in the highest circles?There were two world wars between them.

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