Do you think there was Jesus? (historical)

As I wrote today on very similar question similar, but different, wrote:

Was the historical person Jesus Christ really?Do we know anything about him except from the Bible?

Yes, that is likely (so likely that historians would assume it to be a probably more reasonable hypothesis, if they were interested.(Less than 1% of historians, however, are of great interest in this specialty: “Messiah figures in Palestine in the century before the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans” – and these are mostly theologians, but they work seriously historically and critically. There are also quacks, of course.)

Arguments: 1. Two NEGATIVE Statements about Jesus /Jeshua Ha Nozri/

Baptism by John and Death on the Cross – both negative, both therefore very embellished and reinterpreted, would not be necessary if pure fantasy form.

(The closeness of Mary from Magdala to Jesus is also to be assumed, as it is discussed in the Gospels as far as possible – but it had to be mentioned because there were enough reminders of it among the witnesses!So another reason to accept a real Jesus.)

2.There is no reason to believe otherwise. (Does anything become easier to explain/understandable if one assumes the complete non-existence of a real person Jesus/Jeshua? no? Then we leave this assumption to the Erich-von-Dē›²niken-der-gegenwart (youtuber). )

The other talk about Jesus is, of course, largely the usual thing that is written about Messiahs/ sons of God.Possibly. Except for the Logien source. And with the ancient authors just reports that there is a new sect, people who believe in such a “Dshisos from palaces”. But what is not to be understood as a researched statement about the real existence of such a person – but why doubt it? There is so much else to doubt.

By the way, there is a reference to Qumran in the New Testament

Matthaeus 5
43 You have heard it said, “Tare to love your neighbor and hate your enemy.” (Is nowhere in the Bible, but in one of the Qumran scriptures!!!) 44 But I say to you, love your enemies; blessed who curse you; do to those who hate you; ask for those who insult and persecute you” , which shows that the author knew the Qumran theology, but not that Jesus knew them (although it is not improbable that Jesus knew them and said THIS WORDS!Logie Nquelle:LogieNquelle Q – Wikipedia )

It does not show that he was Qumran, and certainly not that he was the Messiah of the Quranic stake!- And it’s a pretty cool statement, isn’t it? If that’s what he said, he was probably a pretty cool guy! Gives worse “prophets,” “saviors,” “gurus.”

So: Shalom achim, Jeshua!

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