Do you think there should be an obligation to vote in politics?

This question betrays a Western way of thinking that was shaped by Western media and strongly influenced by the US.

Most Westerners still believe that these Western countries are democracies.In fact, however, they are controlled by the US. Moreover, the US is not a democracy. They are controlled by a series of agents who have no intention of doing the best for the US. Nor do they intend to do the will of the people.

In an answer to another question at Quora, I published this list in English.A translation reads as follows:…

Saudi Arabia, which is quietly working on the implementation of the petrodollar agreement in the background, is imposing disastrous foreign policy measures and wars on the US.If you read this report (Aspecial relationship: What connects Saudi Arabia and theUS), you will understand that the US is committed to the Saudi kingdom and must do its will.As Saudi Arabia is controlled by the violent and intolerant sect Wahhamism (Salafism), it is trying to eliminate Shiism and impose Sunni Wahhabism on the entire Muslim world. The US-led wars in the Middle East have contributed significantly to this goal.

Israel through the AIPAC lobby, ADL and media (AIPAC is an unregistered foreign lobby that is not registered in violation of U.S. law and encourages lawmakers and presidents to change Israeli policy. including the policy of shooting unarmed protesters – see Big Religion below).The goals of Israel and Saudi Arabia are almost the same.

Corporate media (left and right)that work overtime to incite hatred against Russia, which can lead to wars and catastrophic economic and fiscal policies that bankrupt the country, create economic bubbles, and create the threaten the global economy.

The gullible publicwho swallow the corporate media and tacitly accept AIPAC’s interference in government.One has to understand that the so-called “Deep State” or “Corporate America” could not survive another day without the support of indoctrinated Americans.

Gun manufacturers through their lobbies (which bankrupt the National Bank with out-of-control defense spending)

Big Business (which, together with Wall Street – see below – has created a stock market bubble that is about to burst at this moment)

Wall Street (which, like big business, along with Wall Street – see below – has created a stock market bubble that is about to burst at this moment)

The Federal Reserve Board (Central Bank) (whose policies have led to irresponsible unaffordable debt, uncontrolled inflation, and dangerous bubbles, for example, in equities and residential real estate)

Opinion-forming think tanks such as the Atlantisc Council (NATO’s propaganda arm), the CFR and many others, the vast majority of which classified Russia as a “threat” and soured Russia’s involvement in the Syrian war, even though ISIS briefly The Syrian army was in front of it when the Russian air force arrived just in time for September 2015.It’s funny how much ISIS has grown despite the brave efforts of the US coalition’s fight against terror, which was allegedly undertaken to eliminate it.

Big Religion (which has imposed “Christian” Zionism on most evangelicals, although this doctrine is not in the Bible.I have previously explained at Quora why this is the case).

The gullible followers of the above-mentioned Big Religion, who in the Evangelical church, instead of paying attention to what Christ said in Matthew 23:39, send the message to modern secular Israel: You are the elect and can do nothing wrong. to do.We send you deadly weapons that you can use to kill your neighbors. It is not necessary to make the commandment in 3. To obey Moses in your own scriptures, to love God with all your heart and mind and soul, and to love your neighbor as yourself. We mega-churchgoers decide who comes to heaven and who doesn’t.

Is the Catholic Church helpful in this regard?no. The pope has called the Putin-Assad alliance “dangerous” (without specifying why), but has never criticized the Saudi-American alliance. Assad is the Muslim leader who is most tolerant of Christians, while the Christian worship (also private!) is banned in Saudi Arabia. The Pope simply bows to US foreign policy.

The White House and itspropaganda, which – through the US media – constantly supports catastrophic military foreign policy and economic policies that widen the gap between rich and poor.

Congress and the Senate, which are also spreading propaganda – through the media – and persuading voters to accept the bad policies described above by making it seem rational, even though it is crazy.

The CIA, the NSA, and other agenciesthat evade the control of elected officials, the public, and the law.

Hollywood.In general, the trend is positive, with a few exceptions, when, for example, a popular US film contains a scene with US forces. For example, in the film Bird Box, there is a scene of an Iraqi war veteran describing how he and his men lovingly escort an Iraqi and his son to the local school every day to protect them from terrorist attacks. The veteran does not even point to the extreme violence of the United States, which has bombed hundreds of thousands of civilians in this country. Sure, there were many good men among US troops in Iraq, but the impression the film gives is that the US military in Iraq has only done humanitarian work. There is a whole article about the close relationship between Hollywood and the US military.

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