Do you think the Epic Game Store can achieve success in the digital gaming industry? How scared should Steam be, do you think? And will you use the Epic Game Store yourself?

Q: Do You think the Epic game Store can achieve success in the digital gaming industry?How scared should Steam be, do you think? And will you use the Epic Game Store yourself?

Epic Games has already had a lot of success and has been making games that hit consumers for a very long time.About 20 years ago they had a real hit: Unreal Tournament (last version 2017) and now there is the famous Fortnite.

Why is this important?Both the consumer and the developer should have reason to use the Epic Game Store. On the developer’s side, it’s important to have a platform that has enough people to look into. On the consumer side, it is important that there are a number of games that the consumer also wants to play. Both sides are asking for the same approach. Wanted games that are exclusively downloadable there, such as Fortnite and Unreal Tournament. Another publisher with the same construction is Origin from EA.

But should steam be really 芒 鈧?艙bang芒 鈧?No, I don’t think so. In the same way that steam doesn’t have to be afraid of Origin. Steam is simply intertwined in the game world. This becomes very clear when you look at a PC game shelf in a game store. Almost all PC games nowadays are a so-called 芒 鈧?艙code in a box芒 鈧? a download so. These downloads are either to be exchanged at a developers own store such as: Origin (EA), Battlenet (Blizzard), or Steam. It would be incredibly difficult to put two codes in a box, one for steam and one for Epic Game Store. After all, you could use the code twice and thus have the game twice. A developer would therefore have to choose between all the digital game stores that are already there. Often that is the established and size Steam.

In addition, Epic Gamestore must actually start from the beginning.That is to say: they may have a functioning game store, but to really save you (especially when you want to sell games to young children) need physical products. Parents do not associate a credit card or Paypal with a child’s account. So you need giftcards and physical copies. Setting all this up costs an awful lot of time and money. Think also of: programming costs, administration costs and the costs for a more comprehensive helpdesk.

What Epic Games did wrong is the development for big titles like Unreal Tournament stop for Fortnite.I think that has quite a few loyal gamers battled against the hairs. Sure, Fortnite has delivered an awful lot of money in the short term, especially with the skin packs, but a whole bunch of gamers who had looked different for games on the store are not looking now.

Short answer:
Yes Epic Games can achieve success in the digital game world.
2.Not very afraid
3.Yes, but at a later date

I had downloaded the Epic Game Store to download Fortnite.Then I played Fortnite for a while, about a month or four.

A very long time I have not touched Fortnite; So also the Epic Game Store doesn’t.At one point they had an offer where you could download Slime Rancher for free. I assumed this offer and I am now a fervent Rancher;)

The Epic Game Store has occasional offers for free games like this.However, I do not think they would pass (or maybe ever) Steam soon. The Epic Game Store might be a bit more popular, as many younger children play Fortnite. However, Fortnite is a bit extinct, with Apex Legends on the horizon. The Epic Game Store will also be a little abandoned at some point. Fortnite was really the game that kept Epic Games adrift. Now that Fortnite becomes less popular, the Game Store is probably too.

I don’t think Steam should be afraid of Epic Games.Steam exists much longer than Epic Games, has a much wider assortment and is much more famous among the 芒 鈧?虄erkende芒 鈧劉 gamecommunity (that is, no nine year olds who follow trends) as a gamestore.

Hopefully you have some:)

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