Do you think the earth is flat? Why not?

No, because God says in the Quran that it is spherical, spherical.

Here are some useful reflections on a round earth with evidence from the Quran, for all those who have been cast in doubt.And whether the earth is spinning at all.

The Quran says that when the night overlaps the day, they form a sphere :

[Quran 39:5 “Allah created the heavens and the earth in truth.He overlaps [yukawer in Arabic the night over the day and overlaps [yukawer the day over the night, and he enslaves the sun and the moon. ALL MOVEMENT (kullun yajri) on a predetermined track. Is he not the sublime, the forgiving?”

The Arabic word “kura” means ball/ball; the verb for this is “yukawer”, which means: to form into a sphere.Here the Quran also refers to the fact that ALL ARE, not only the Sun and the Moon, but also the Earth. In Arabic grammar, there is a difference between the singular (one), the two number (two) and the plural (three or more). The reference to the two-number would be “kulahuma yajrian”, but the Quran says “kullun yajri”, which refers to the plural (three or more). Since the sun and moon are only two, but the Quran refers to three or more, all three move after the Quran: sun, moon, and earth.

The Quran says the Earth has a diameter.(diameter is simply twice the radius).

[Quran 55:33 “Oh the community of the Jinn and the people, escape the diameters (actar in Arabic) of the heavens and the earth, if you can, you will not be able to do it without permission.”

Diameter means “kutr” in Arabic; the plural is “actar”.Radii and diameters are exclusively properties of circles or spheres. This fits the previous verse, shape into a sphere. [yukawer

The Quran says that God has spread the earth (wa-l-ard mddnaaha), which means expanding the surface by formation.”Madda” means “spreading out” in Arabic; in any case, it was mistranslated as “flat”. Flat in Arabic is “musattah” and the verb “flat” is “sattaha”; in any case, both were not used anywhere in the entire Quran. The Quran says that God expanded the Earth, which means expanding the surface region. Our solar system is 4.57 billion years old. In any case, the radius of the earth was not spontaneous 6400 km through the formation; but it began with a few kilometers and expanded progressively. But the surface region is not a function of the radius, because if the radius is increased, the surface region (surface = 4Pi times radius to square) also increases. Thus, the Quran correctly describes the surface region as widening. (This contradicts the Bible, in which the creation of the earth took place spontaneously.)

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