Do you think that the Netherlands is doing enough to level up, or do you have the idea that the gap between rich and poor is still increasing?

The idea of leveling is in my relation a bad idea.In my opinion, the idea of levelling is (not 100% certain) from a society that mainly focuses on industry, where the worker is in a relatively fragile position. Think, for example, of the protest in Maastricht (at the beginning of the 20th century), where all people were sent home for 1 month to learn their “lesson”. The idea was that the products produced by society are distributed fairer. It should not be able to get someone to be very rich in the labor of other people, if those other people then live in great poverty.

In reality, the problem is not the gap between rich and poor, but the wealth of the poor.You could well argue that it is about the poorest and not about the richest. I would rather want policy to be focused on helping the poorest people and not on how you can take that money from the richest people off.

The gap is growing, which is inherent in the capitalist system in which we now live.

Grtn, Stign

Too much is done to leveling.Leveling is not a solution. I have worked hard all my life and taken risks. Why should I almost earn the same as a lazy thunder who went to work at the supermarket at the age of 16 and has been hanging out with the same boss for 20 years now? Is not explaining.

There is a well known djanadin what it actually pretty nicely says:

Allows a heart surgeon to watch while a mechanic repairs his car.Says that mechanic suddenly: “Actually weird that you catch so much money and I don’t, we do almost the same job. You are replacing a heart that keeps people alive, I replace an engine that will keep your car from doing it. ” What that surgeon says: “OK, then try it now while the engine keeps spinning”.

Is that gap greater?Temporarily hold. But I also have the idea that the differences in mentality between citizens are growing.

I think we should not only be working with the Netherlands.There is more misery in the world than is needed, and if the rich countries would work together instead of starting (trade) wars, we can easily do what. How many billionaires and leaders of countries need to work together to end extreme poverty? Not so much, if you earned one euro per day (that is the definition of extreme poverty) you are very happy with a tenner. Ten days of work we go to the Mac. Or does anyone think they are lazy because they don’t care if their children are dead?

Leveling is such a word that I get the jitters of.It was invented by drivers to compensate for a high (re) tax burden.

You have no blow to it, levelling leads to less disposable income and becomes more middle class than other groups, so it gets smaller.The drivers save their own survive though. In fact, the government is the only one who has managed everything well.

More than half (52% in 2016, CBS) of the working Dutchmen do not build up a pension anymore by all the genivelleer.That is something that was still unthinkable 25 years ago. The rest of all employers are dead-end people who want to keep others at work, people with a good heart but retirement just doesn’t pay.

Where do those people all have to live, Grandpa on the campsite?If IE can pay it and if it is allowed to live there. I think you have to emigrate to Morocco if you want to get around from an AOW. For even living in your own house, that will not succeed.

There is no growing “gap” between rich and poor.Everyone goes ahead, if of course we deal with money well. The number of million airs rises globally. In the Netherlands and the rest of Europe a lot less, because of the enormous growing Muslim population, of which more than three quarters of social care lives, there will be an even greater decline within a handful of years.

Many wealthy people depart from Europe because they are the aggression in especially the larger cities and huge high taxes.The left-wing parties are doing everything they can to suppress the hard facts, but gradually that is no longer feasible, people see what is going on and voting ever more straight. This will temporarily benefit the middle class, if it is levied by also less priceless tax and the regulation weakens. It’s unbelievable what business owners need to pay and the belachlijke rules they need to keep rich, all obstacles that affect everyone.

I personally know three gentlemen who each have earned about 50 million euros and have left from NL.

Where was leveling when I just started my career and had the biggest trouble finding living space?Now that I have a good salary and a comfortable house, suddenly you have to be levelled? Go away anyway!

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