Do you think that the Lord’s or the Rings ‘ films gave the tone and atmosphere of the original book?

No, and I feel that more the more often I watch the movies, or try to watch.They are increasingly calling me the book.

The movies were on STARZ yesterday and every time I went to that channel, I couldn’t help to find another channel again and again, because what I saw bored, or irritated up to huilens.When I went to the canal, it was always at a quiet stretch; For example, the march of the elves to the grey harbors (with endless close-ups of Arwen and her visions about having a child with Aragorn); or Aragorns fake doodsscene.

Even the battles aren’t as exciting as people think, or even if I remember from when I saw them more than ten years ago.Really, I find them totally not exciting, and some are downright bizarre (surfing Legolas, for example).

One piece struck me in particular, where Théoden is staring painfull in the distance, when Helm’s Deep was on the verge of being attacked, and for some reason he has a bright light behind him.I could not invent the reason or importance of this ‘; I just thought it was boring. Later He is surrounded by a few soldiers and he says, “So, now it starts” or something pointless of such nature, and I just think, “Guest, keep your head and get ready for the fight”.

In doing so, they still make dwarfs jokes.When Théoden’s Army view Sarumans hurdles, Gimli asks what is going on, because, ha ha, he is too small to look over the parapet. Legolas then asks if he wants a stool to stand up.

People often criticize how some movies have choppy changes in tone in a scene.Is This not exactly an example of this? Why are these films allowed to do so?

You may be wondering what all this has to do with the tone.Other answers have said more about the overall tone of the films versus the book, so I wanted to focus more on something else. I especially like that the movies have a bad pace. The books get a lot of criticism because each sheet and every stone are described (which is extremely heavily exaggerated, I have to say), but the films are wasting a lot of time on simply boring nonsense.Compared to the movies, I find that the book has miraculously good pace. Even without the movies I find that the book does not really draalt. What I actually mean to say is that I just don’t find the movies such a good pace. I am amazed that the movies could not be made tighter (especially given the amount of time spent on the scenes I mentioned above) and could insert more material from the books (although, given Peter Jackson is the director, I must Might not be too surprised)

The movies honestly contain a lot of padding, and that is before we even talk about the extended editions.To be honest, I get sick of getting to hear how wonderful they are.

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