Do you think that political correctness sometimes goes too far? Where do you think it has gone too far?

Political correctness is always going too far.Politeness is okay, but politically correct goes much further. It is the requirement of minorities to never be hurt by members of the dominate culture. They must be trimmed around them and never be told that they should not be so hypersensitive. That is all racism, or gay hatred, or bbw bullying etc. Their feelings are sacred, so they must be unseen.

In my opinion, this is precisely the respect of the dominant group.It is very cynical. I am not automatically a racist if I do not designate a resident of Greenland as Inuit but as Eskimo. You can say as Eskimo that you find Inuit more fun, because Eskimo means ‘ those who eat raw meat. ‘ Then I can then consider Inuit them. But requirements is counterproductive.

What I am particularly opposed to is the moral indignation of politically correct.People who do not adhere to the code are immediately bad people who need to be chained.

Last year In Utrecht a large children’s party was organized with the theme Cowboys and Indians.Action group de Grauwe century stood on its hind legs. That was highly politically incorrect. The Indians were a suppressed minority and the Cowboys stood before the white dominated. A colonial relationship was thus celebrated.

Another special one was the NOS of the citizens of the ‘ white Men ‘, by ‘ Witte men ‘.In my opinion, this is the replacement of a perfect Dutch word by an anglicism. The justification was that blank called all kinds of association with moral high quality. Notions like a white soul and lily blank would create the impression that whites are naturally good. Far fetched and there are also all sorts of pure associations with white to invent. Take Virgin white, Snow White and hagelwit, all of which have an association with great cleanliness.

The big problem is that words don’t change people’s minds.As an American in public life, you can never say the same thing, but how do you really think about Negroes and what do you say when you have a couple of shorts with your friends. Then that politically correct mask might lose weight quickly.

Just polite and nice doing that is enough.You have to build your own standards. In political correctness, others impose the standards that you must keep. I am not doing that.

It began with letters from school: “Dear parents and caretakers” afterwards it went downhill.

(Yes, but, do not use it then do your foster parents deficit is the argument)

Of course.Tomorrow. Foster parents feed on. Just as well, and perhaps better than natural parents. So if it swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck.

On the one hand, it is nice to do (we mean poo but write excrement) or increasingly evasive “foreigner-> Guest Worker-> immigrant-> ‘ Someone with an immigration background ‘

And also very stupid things.Firemen should not. No, thank you the cuckoo that we learned in the Sixties already: firefighters. Gender neutral avant la lettre.

And even dumber is that twist butt all around LGBT whatever abbreviation.That changes per day.

Do it normally.Substitute shame, substitute outrage.. It means nothing at all so hood but with it.

Gender neutrality?As Freek de Jonge said in the country’s hopes, “dude you have a cunt, we don’t have dicks about it”.

Yes, this is very well expressed in the answer of Peter Hendriks on Do you think that political correctness sometimes goes too far?Where do you think it has gone too far?

I find it way too far, the slave images in the golden carriage to work away, obliged to say Lord/Lady if everyone knows that with him, he also means, street names to work of historical heroes, Piet who can no longer be black etc.I want to get rid of that sweet juicy and the beast by the name without being rude and the latter is unfortunately an art that not every one is able to.

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