Do you think someone is making a chance against Donald Trump in the next US presidential election?

We are going back to ten years ago.The new US President Barack Obama, of the Democrats, the man who is now praised by center links in the US and outside, is an opponent of same-sex marriage.

America was an extremely conservative, right-wing society.Democrats were generally very right for our Dutch notions, and the Republicans were Yernaz Ramautarsing-level fical right and SGP-level socially right.

Nowadays America seems to be a lot more on the Netherlands.The Supreme Court has pressed the same-sex marriage, and Obamacare obliged to take the entire population care insurance until January last (being demolished by Republicans).

And the funny thing is that a Republican, right-populist president is still elected.America has shifted content to the left, but many saw in 2016 something in Donald Trump, or something negative in Clinton and the Democrats.

It is important to remember that many loyal Republicans were in advance questioning Trump.He would behave indecent and exhausts, he would not join their neo-conservatory ideology, he would even be a Democrat who wanted to sabotage the mess. Eventually most loyal Republicans voted for him, but they had their question marks.

And now, a few years later, the support for Trump under the conservative core of the Republicans is great.You can’t expect another person within the Trump party to defeat in the preliminary rounds for the Republican candidacy. And although most Americans no longer feel attracted to Republican head ideology, it would be best to be able to vote for Trump again.

The question is not whether someone is making a specific chance against Trump; The question is what the Democratic candidate would have to do to convince the electorate to vote Trump away.

Remember, in America there is no fair distribution.

You don’t get thirteen choices, and the power is divided proportionally to the number of votes that each choice has gotten. In America you have only two choices. Or you stay at home, as about half of the country does.

Oh sure though.Trump has a hard core of fans but also a big crowd of fierce opponents. In the final mid-term elections, the Republicans achieved fewer votes than the Democrats. In the last presidential election, Trump won 3 million votes less than Clinton.

A candidate with more persuasion than Clinton should be able to get Trump’s opponents to the ballot box with ease.However, it is questionable whether the Democratic Party is able to set up such a candidate.

Yes.But Trump still has a great chance of winning. But the people who predicted Trump’s victory are now predicting that he is going to lose. For example, it is not yet 100% sure that the Republicans want him as a candidate.

But the Americasnse electoral system is all but fair.In Some districts a voice counts more heavily than those vsn other districts. And many of those districts are republicins. I can’t find the article anymore, but two American students have calculated in 2016 that it is possible, in principle, that someone could be elected president by only 25% of the votes.

Gerrymandering a problem.The reclassification of constituencies where the achtetban of the opponents is divided over other districts.

Also, many Dutch people do not realise that really many Americans are very conservative. The image we have from the US is that of Hollywood, and that is not a to image.The “progressive” Democrats is still best compared to VVD and CDA. The Republicans are almost comparable to FvD and SGP. Many people agreed to Trump for the simple reason that they don’t want a woman as president. If the Americans come with a candidate who is gay, a woman, og not a Christian, then Trump will probably be w脙 漏 脙 漏 R 4 years in the White House.

If someone can bring more to the table than 芒 鈧?艙but I’m Trump not芒 鈧?or not, otherwise.

Sadly, almost all Democratic candidates are more extreme than Hillary, while Trump has just won because the Democrats had become too extreme.There is 1 candidate who can generate sufficient effect on both sides (Democratic and Republican) to defeat Trump: Andrew Yang. He does it fantastically and brings a refreshingly honest sound, as you can see in the summaries of the latest debate on CNN. He is at the top when it comes to donations of less than 200 dollars (i.e. individual people) and has collected more than 500,000 dollars on top of it in the 24 hours after the debate. Unfortunately, he is very well known. Probably too far to win the primaries which means Trump will just win again in exactly the same way:(

Edit based on comment that Hillary was not at all extreme left:

Justified remark.That was short by the bend of me. It is much deeper than Hillary. What I should have said is this:

The last 10芒 鈧?”15 years the left corner of American society has become increasingly extreme and more powerful.This started at universities, through disciplines such as women’s studies, gender studies, race studies, queer studies, fat studies, etc. In his own words (it is in the relevant study guides) These disciplines lead activists, and this is also evident from Boghossian et’s hoax papers. Al. (If unknown, a huge recommendation to take a look).

The peer-reviewed literature within these disciplines has nothing to do with scientific verification, as it turns out.It is purely post-modern, intersectional propaganda that is further tightened up by the peer reviewers before it is published in Zgn. Scientific journals. Through these disciplines, the ideology has found its way to the universities ‘ rectorates and thus it is increasingly crawling towards the more scientific disciplines such as psychology-see, for example, the new guidelines for treating Boys and men of the American Psychological Association.

Many biologists, physicists and mathematicians are worried that their disciplines will soon be deemed politically incorrect and overshadowed by this ideological nonsense.That fear is not entirely unjustifiably. It is already forbidden in some states and for example on Twitter to claim that there are biological, inherent differences between men and women. There is no serious biologist who agrees with this, but the right of gender-non-normves to not be offended is before. And even mathematics is no longer safe: Professor: 芒 鈧?虄mathematics Itself on as Whiteness芒 鈧劉 | National Review

Unfortunately, this is not limited to obscure lectures.Even the Ivy League is completely there for cases. The result is that people who ‘ graduate ‘ in this way sooner or later end up in business and politics. They have been fed propaganda by way of science, and have built up enormous debts. They are counting their ‘ scientific ‘ ‘ knowledge ‘.

Examples of the kind of nonsense that has become mainstream in liberal circles: safe spaces, trigger warnings, micro-aggressions, cultural appropriation, equity, intersectionality, experiential reparations, heteronormativity, mansplaining, Pinkwashing, reversed racism, criticality, etc.The leitmotif: Group identity is more important than the content of character (Martin Luther King turns into his grave). And the right not to be offended, or even to run the risk of being insulted, is more important than freedom of expression.

See the riots and dismissal of Bret Weinstein (not a family of;)) at Evergreen State because he refused to cooperate on the ‘ Day of absence ‘ where white teachers and students were not welcome on campus.

Or the resignation of James Damore at Google, because he wrote a memo in which he (real) scientific research to formulate a better strategy to increase the number of female employees at Google.His crime was that he dared to argue that the skewed relationship not only comes through sexism, and thus cannot be resolved with Google’s equity strategy which assumes that 100% of the difference is explained through sexism, but also by inherent Differences between men and women who express themselves in different interests (a fact that from different disciplines is indisputable and continuously proven, and only recently denounced through the ‘ science ‘ of gender studies). On this basis, he formulated a strategy to make the discipline and Google more specific to women, because he agreed that the company would benefit more women. Conclusion: misogynist, bigot. Dismissal. Here’s his memo. Judge for yourself: ..

This sort of thing did not happen 15 years ago.This is the result of extremely left-wing, intersectional, post-modern propaganda that has found its way through the universities to the left-wing mainstream in business, media and politics. This culture of permanent outrage and victimisation naturally works very nicely with the American culture of litigation and huge damages. So everyone is constantly running on eggs. Everyone is constantly afraid to insult someone or do something wrong. A wrong remark can mean the end of your career. University staff are not allowed to close the door if they receive a student at the office. Companies provide detailed guidelines for where and how long you can touch someone at work so that violations of these rules may directly lead to a sexual and case. Employees are forced to write a self-assessment every year about their own implicit bias, or their inherent racism, even if they do not find themselves racist at all.

See the fragment below of a meeting of Democratic socialists in Atlanta.

It’s just laughable.And shameful. Although this is the extreme end of the left-wing political spectrum, the PC ‘ point of personal privilege ‘ culture that you see manifested here is widespread in all layers of society. And the Democrats, especially Sanders and Warren, desperately need these voices. The candidates have to play the game in order to get rid of each other, by definition they lose the swing votes that went to Trump in protest against this culture. A Catch 22. The only thing that seems willing to break this is Yang, with which he is almost certainly a contender for the primaries.

At the moment there seems to be no one who would make a chance against Trump.

The separate is that the Democrats do have people who could win, but those people are most likely never candidates.If they ask a centre-left candidate, many people will go for them. But a centrist will probably never get through the primaries, because there is a strong lobby that goes for the left-wing candidate.

The polarization of politics is a big problem.Both camps need each other, but dialogue is becoming increasingly difficult. Pure socialism is malignant, pure capitalism is indifferent to the need of edge cases. Together they form the basis for one of the best civilizations that mankind has ever seen: the Western.

Yes, but not a candidate from the political establishment.They have not recovered sufficiently and the time until the next elections is too short to build another position. But a capital powerful outsider might. Someone like Trump himself. A Zuckerberg or someone from showbiz.

Frankly, I think others don’t stand a chance against Donald Trump.During his presidency, Trump has been dealt with positively or negatively every day in every talk program, Journal, Satirishe Show, in the script of each comedian. Those are billions of dollars in marketing value. Donald Trump’s fame is greater than ever. Don’t underestimate what effect this has. It’s going to cost a lot of trouble for someone to beat a dent in that Giga suit butter. The supporters and opponents have played that themselves in hand.

Besides that, Donald Trump has the figures.Whether it’s due to the overall trend in the US economy or by Trump’s actions, it doesn’t matter much for the campaign. Here he will make a thorough use of his campaigns and debates.

Also, the followers of right and conservatism is growing in America.Platormen and action groups like Turning Point USA and the Walk Away movement contribute to this.

What will also impact is that Kanye West (the most well-known rapper of America) and his family The Kardashians (best known family of America) have pronounced their praise of Trump.This was not without a blow or punch, but there are millions of people (many women) in America who follow this family daily. I think this in the long run will make people feel less ashamed to come out as Trump follower. In the previous campaign, Hillary had all the famous artists on her side, and Trump won. Now, Trump also has well-known Americans on his side and that makes him stronger.

Finally.Trump is strong in debates and has great persuasion. Not because he is always right, but because he is good at convincing debating. It does not matter how he has to win, and that makes him strong. I don’t know if anyone can stand up to Trump in that area.

I think Trump will again win many Americans for themselves.

I am convinced that Trump will not survive the forthcoming campaign.Not only MacDonald芒 鈧劉 s feed but also are already becoming more noticeable dementia standing in the way. Next year, he will certainly not be able to pursue a campaign without constantly ridiculing himself. Much also depends on the Democratic candidate. Caroline Kennedy could win.

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