Do you think men must stand up for women’s rights? So, how can men do that?

People must stand up for people’s rights.It cannot and must not be that one has more rights than the other.

In The Netherlands Everyone is right before the law.In that respect there are no differences. I do not know so well for what right of women I should stand up. This is without prejudice to discrimination and sexism. That has to be challenged but has nothing to do with rights.

The ideal world where the man who represents strength and protection as if elevates the woman a step higher.There is nothing more masculine in MN eyes than the ultimate man who looks a little bit up on the woman anyway. Men were allowed to loosen up their ego. And out of their system that they are slightly superior. And then that will succeed.

I really cannot put it more beautifully than R soul has already done.People have to stand up for people.

But honestly, I would rather see a self-employed power woman than a 58-year-old man who is going to “help” the oh so helpless, impotent and incapable ladies with his quotas… Cough Hans Brusselmans Cough

I have been doing this for four years on the English version of Quora.

There I write answers in English about Trump, who is a woman unfriendly macho, who hurts and humiliated women.

After my first partner, Anja, committed suicide a few years after our relationship went out, I made myself an oath that I would stand up for the victims of sexual abuse.

Anja had a life of sexual abuse behind him.

She was systematically sexually abused by her father, from her fledgling childhood.

All men have a moral obligation to intervene or make their voices heard, if women are humiliated or sexually harassed, e.g. at work.

If all staff members come up for their female college, which is harassed by their common chef sexually, the end is oefeing for the chef.

You can dismiss someone.But not the whole staff!

For over six years I have been bettokken in women with DIS, a dissociative identity disorder.

This is the most serious psychological picture that can occur after very intensive, years of sexual abuse, physical abuse and psychological and emotional violence.

The spirit breaks into pieces like a glass shell that you throw on the Hrond and there are parts that each have their own problems, gender, age, hobbies, name and habits.

Women’s abuse is a very large and very serious societal problem.

Because the children are also the brunt of it!

Too few people realise that if a man slaps or humiliates his wife or threatens a knife where are their children, that it is not just the partner who is being mistreated?


And more reason for the woman to leave with the children.



First of all, we can make two important one, namely: [Objective-truth and [subjective-truth.We do this to study a phrase: -‘ A real man will never hurt a woman. ‘ -p>

1.) [Objective: -‘ A real man will never hurt a woman. ‘ -/p>

If we can believe this phrase, it is claimed that, first of all, “a real man,” means that a man in his physical form actually exists; Secondly, that with ‘… Will a woman never hurt, ‘ it is meant that he is not able to hurt a woman; Thirdly, with ‘ never ‘ it means that in a op茅茅nvolging of an almost endless series of moments, he will not hurt any woman at any time.

2.) [Subjective: -‘ A real man will never hurt a woman. ‘ -/p>

If we can believe this phrase, then it is claimed that, first of all, “real” means that something really does occur without a lie; Secondly, with the word “man,” that a person is expected to behave responsibly and courageously; Thirdly, with ‘ woman, ‘ a person, although physically inferior, with smart or ridicule the poor victim can baiting -and therefore as a golden rule, for this, should never be threatened with physical violence.

-If we follow the [subjective-truth, we will see that a man (physically stronger, courageous, responsible) has much more to gain in an objective reality than a woman.Often in vain, he has to turn to a ‘ morality ‘ (Good and Evil), which does not take heed in one person, but in the whole culture [subjectively surrounding him. If someone says: -‘ A real man will never hurt a woman ‘ -then everyone understands, of course, that a ‘ real man ‘ and all that entails will never abuse his physical strength to set himself above a woman. Because a human being is socially oriented, he is obliged to abide by the requirement of ‘ morality ‘.

-But there is no snag.Let us accept with great pleasure that I am somewhat naiver than most people. When I see the phrase here for me, as now, without having a moral-pre consensus on it, I am doing two things out of it: (a) men are intrinsically poor, for they must still behave ethically responsibly; and (b) Women are intrinsically good, because they are the victim of a man’s ethical-irresponsibility.

-My question now is: ‘ What if a woman [subjectively her self ethically-irresponsible?In fact, she proposes propositions (b) to be accountable?! ‘ [Objectively this is to say that our culture imposes something: that we should ignore the ethical misconduct of the woman because of Proposition (a), simply…

I too believe that there should be no abuse of power.I take the statement: -‘ A real man will never hurt a woman ‘ -under one condition: -‘ A real woman will never manipulate a man. ‘ -p>

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