Do you think criminals should be punished for their crimes, or be rehabilitated and helped in the hope that they will be a better person when they return to society? And can you explain why you think?

We need to make much more distinction between causes for certain behaviors.

There are, for example, murderers on occasion: they get quarrel, they throw the other against a wall, that other one comes up with his head and dies.That’s a very different case than someone who decides to kill someone else and do it in such a way that no one gets to know it.

An intruder who has to pay a drug habit is a different kind of burglar than someone who doesn’t want to do just work.

Those two people give the same kind of punishment has no sense at all, because the reason for their action is entirely different.

Someone with a drug habit can change habit.Someone who makes no sense to do just work can learn a special profession. Someone who accidentally kills another person will also need another punishment.

And someone who kills another because he has a sense of it, it really has to be treated very differently again.

The more we understand, the more we punish and intervene in one’s life after committing criminal deeds can adapt to what that one person needs.

“In fact, every life-long offence should be punished,” says Hans zwetsloot and well, from the position of society, this is also right.Someone who has inflicted another damage, certainly those who have inflicted others very personal damage, such as rape, but also with burglaries and blackmail and this, which must surely get a lot of thunder. On the other hand, the act is not reversed. And from there I do not agree with that, dear Hans:)

For then punishment becomes a vengeance: you have inflicted me damage, and there you will have to suffer your whole life.I do not think that we should sink into the same level as a rapist, or a murderer; I do not think that the lives of other people should be demolished, even if that person has harmed me. It may be punished, for sure. But no demolition.

Most criminals are occasional criminals.Few people are really that bad that treatment and improvement is not possible.

Maybe I’m an idealist, but I’m pretty damn proud of:))

Punishments does not work in my criminal career I am stuck 3 times.Once because of a theft they had too little evidence after supplying my legetimation proof I was allowed to leave. I really had luck that she did not properly foued a sock with a street worth a thousand Eu to sack different narcotics.

Second time was when I was totally high of the XTC I was at the dealing in the disco one of the bouncers caught me I had 300 pills with me and I’m had to stand up with the bouncer because wanted to go away.That was a night and I had t so lucky that I only got possession and self defense.

That was converted into task punishment of 80 o’clock.I got myself ex a tap sold because they kept walking 3 blocks behind me while I had requested her to leave me alone she walked to beat spades spitting annoying doing screaming I had had it I had her a well-aiming corner sold she went gel Ijk stretched people called the cop I had to bring story done no camera footage ex did not report I was allowed to go after several hours.

Well if you’re after that I’ve sold out of my 15th to my 23rd only rotting deals to light up breaking up drugs in Paris and Berlin.I only stopped after that I’m so flipped on the Psychiatridelica because I just don’t feel like it anymore in that crap.

Why do people do things that shouldn’t.If I take myself as an example yes, my parents have subside to treat me decently when I grew up. I had quite a lot of abuse I weigh it up because home placement seemed like not a good idea foster family youth care Enzo would be likely to get worse.

Boy who was beaten by them parents and did not got what he wanted.Then you get someone who grew up with resentment after they parents admit his parents do not adhere to the rules so why would he do it. Afin started stealing because I just wanted to have things that did not give me parents for me. One that Kabrang so slowly that was getting more complex because I myself was also using drugs.

My boundaries were always exceeded.My friends took me in the Zeik. After a while I got shone. I had the luck that I was smart so I made a lot of abuse of it. You hate yourself you hate all the other you are going to use people because you want to survive. Works I found stupid people were idiots. Drug money and fucking all other things were side-by-case. I wanted where I was entitled to what was unsaid to me as a child as adolescent as young adults.

Yes you can only servants people if they want to be helped.This only succeeds if they are really on the ground. Psychiatridelica has made sure that I really got into the crap. I’ve just got a little joke then I’ve picked eggs for me money and signed up to the DWI and the Salvation Army it’s going to be reasonable now. I finished all the tracks until October and then I have the little house I’m in. You are going to get people out of crime only if they want it and there are better alternatives.

What we find is something other than what is best. It is different per case.Sometimes the prison is not sufficient enough. And rehabilitation in other cases as well.

I would no longer let a rapist walk around, even if it gets therapy.If you leave it free, it is that a gamble or the person is going to do what is not allowed and/or not.

A killer is already trickier.It depends on circumstances what is best.

Burglars are the most frequent recidivists (they do it over and over again), meanwhile there is also shoplifting.Apparently, its treatment is not effective enough. But everyone locking up costs mountains money. And staff must be there as well.

Unscrupulous money-making illegal pill turners who make (party) drugs and kill people, but also pollute the environment and (usually) endanger the residents in a neighborhood, may be locked from me.

In fact, any wrongdoing should be punished for life.Whether it is theft, or worse. Whether that is with treatment or not. Ultimately, the criminal himself makes a conscious choice to do what is not allowed. So the consequences should be more serious than the success of successful criminal actions. Then they don’t do it anymore. And if they do, they will remain imprisoned the second time. Not a few years, but lifelong. The judge then only needs to determine whether they are given punishment, and whether treatment is useful. If this treatment Is useful, it must be determined whether the criminal Is allowed to go outside, but then back behind bars again.

But they have forfeited their right to a normal life.Their victims also do not have a normal life anymore, after that crime.

I think that anyone who has committed a crime and enters into jail should get psychic help, which is fortunately also usually the case.

Someone with a severe disorder should not be in jail and luckily this does not usually happen.In a criminal case, the imputability is looked at, there you have varying degrees. The higher the ontology, the lower the punishment. A psychological research is also often initiated. Completely inimitable persons who exhibit dangerous delictbehavior come into a forensic psychiatric clinic.

The existence of prison sentences may prevent many people from committing a crime.In addition, if they do not suffer from extreme aggressiveness and impulsiveness, they will not soon commit a crime once they are out of jail, because they do not want to return. I therefore think that it is a lesson for some people. For people with psychological problems, imprisonment would rather be a punishment on top of their severe disorder, which would not be helping.

What I am opposed to is that prisoners can often only go outside for one hour a day and that their door is locked every night at half 5.The reason it stands out is because it seems to be a kind of punishment camp where you are stripped of your free will and your mental health. Now that’s something from my perspective and I don’t know what impact it has on mentally healthy prisoners. In any case, I would literally die, or damage myself so seriously that they have to get me away. My greatest fear is the fear of losing control or that others might have power over me. For that reason, the prison would be the ultimate nightmare for me and may mean my death.

I do not manage to understand why it excludes one the other.

Can you clarify your question?

Penalties.As the Nazis in Concentrtiekamp Mauthausen did. Destroying Labor. Society has a right to rest and the criminally disturbed who rests.

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