Do you think Brie Larson will be like a rush to the Marvel universe? Something so horrible that they are forced to restart the universe.?

Actress Brie Larson came under fire for expressing opinions about the Marvel universe.How dare she do it? Only true Marvel fans have the right to comment on the Marvel universe! You must study the universe all your life to gain this right.

I’m amazed that 800,000 people saw a guy complaining about “the ridiculous, crazy spectacle of Brie Larsson, an actress who knows nothing, when she talked about her new film at the Women in Film Festival.”The ratio of votes against to dissent was ten to one. It must be very confusing to become the target of so much anger.

I see this as a struggle between somewhat autistic men and a somewhat autistic woman.One might think that these two sides would understand each other, as they each have a hard time interpreting social signals, but I think that disability reinforces separation and conflict.

I see this as a battle between somewhat autistic men and a somewhat autistic woman.You would think that those two sides would understand each other as having a hard time interpreting social cues, but I think that the disability increases the disconnect and conflict.

This woman is gorgeous and has a great job of portraying her Marvel character.She’s at Oscar-winning actress after all,

Still on her press tours, she came across badly because she reacted aggressively to criticism and could not express her sarcasm or sense of humour.As a result, it sometimes seemed improbable, arrogant, and hostile in the eyes of people who do not expect direct, aggressive behavior from women.

If I were her press agent, I would make her a lawyer for Aspie women.In her performances, she was quite charismatic when she had a smart interviewer who knew her type and made her feel safe, but when veiled or joking hostilities entered the room in any form, she couldn’t and their answers were decidedly uncharismatic.

In my novels, I have created a character in a world full of technology-related disabilities.I made her feel that it wasn’t her who misinterpreted social situations, but her. But if you’re the only person who interprets social situations in your own way, does that make you wrong and they’re right? or is there an absolute standard? Is what is considered improbable, arrogant and hostile a majority rule? I think that’s what the fan-boy culture wants to achieve – majority rule.

I seriously doubt that men want Ben Shapiro or histrionic fan boys as speakers, but that doesn’t change how loud and passionate a particular group of fans can be.

When I see the airwaves flooded with this evil, spirited sound, I want to find a refuge, a kind of ark for the spirit.

Tolkien made the ark that helped the minds survive the birth of nuclear power.It preserved our absolute sense of good and evil, and there was an anti-technology message: no uniform field theory allowed – to divide and spread knowledge far and wide. People are not ready for this kind of power.

Star Trek was the ark that helped minds survive the birth of the computer.It has kept our hope that technology would make sense to our lives. To boldly go where no one has been. Let us ignore the fact that this audacity has led us to poison ourselves with the neurotoxic triclosan and expose ourselves to excessively cheap thrills for years.

Marvel comics are the ark of today, but what does it preserve?It tells us that there are real villains who need to be defeated and heroes are needed. Thanos and others offer anti-scientific storylines where science is only good as long as it is not tied to power, but the general message is: billionaire heroes, government-created heroes, etc. fight for YOU!

What would you put into your mental ark?What would you keep? What would be the holy grail of your world?

My novels don’t fight for the message of the bad guys.The protagonist gives in and escapes. She doesn’t chase the bad guy, she just tries to save the things she loves. Eventually, the villain calms down and stops causing so much destruction. His destructive impulses were driven by loveless, unsatisfied curiosity. The good thing in my world is the opposite of “courageously going where no man has gone yet”. In my story, eating from the Tree of Knowledge either caused someone to kill themselves or it made him angry because he hated what he saw in the mirror, but the protagonist survived her gaze on herself because she wasn’t so ridiculous. had expectations. She served as a role model for evil, and he became good.

Brie Larson is integrated into the traditionally male media and usually feels like a recruitment tool for female soldiers. This is not what I hope for the empowerment of women.

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