Do you think Brexit is a Nexit? When?

No.The Netherlands is too dependent on Germany, Belgium and France to even consider that. It is also questionable whether Brexit will continue.

I see now that the question has changed.I gave answer to the question whether a Nexit was likely. Or a Brexit continues we know on 29 March. In the event of a postponement, this could well lead to a set-off.

Well.No. Why?

The polling data?Green, blue, yellow No exit feelings, orange red bit exit feelings.

Usually those feelings exist until it becomes clear what it costs.

As in the UK, because then one knows it all suddenly not so sure. Euroscepticism is usually a bit easy around you meppen precious ethno-nationalistic populist power games.

Q: Do You think Brexit will be a Nexit?When?

No, it cannot.Great Britain was and is in a substantially different position than the Netherlands. It is an island, with so relatively easy to guard boundaries and it has its own currency. The Netherlands has a surplus on the trade balance, even well above average in EU context, the UK has a structural deficit and thus performs far below the EU average. With the exception of the financial sector, the UK does the economy much worse than the Netherlands or the EU on average. Our financial sector is also above average in size.

Moreover, our trade is much more than that of the UK in the EU, with only Germany already taking almost a quarter.That means that we benefit much more than the English from free trade within the EU. The English have nothing comparable to the port of Rotterdam as an economical engine.

For the UK, the main trading partners are the US and China, so outside the EU. For the Netherlands, with the exception of imports from China, which is comparable in value to that of Germany, the EU is all about the clock.

What, of course, can be that the aversion that people have against the existing relationships in the world is also generated in the Netherlands and used for political purposes.

For the Netherlands, a Nexit is even more disastrous than Brexit for the UK, which, although world power, is the subtop, but that after Germany and for France it occupies a fifth place.There, the Netherlands is not in the neighbourhood at all. In 2016, the Netherlands was the 18th economy in the world and we are slowly lowering that ranking, not because we are doing poorly, but because other countries are increasingly realising their economic growth potential to population and natural resources, while The Netherlands is trying to stabilise population growth and we will lose our most important source of prosperity for the past decades, natural gas.

So no, Brexit will not be a Nexit, but yes, the Netherlands is also at risk of bringing itself into trouble that the UK has now called for itself.Only those problems will be even greater in our case.

The solution is a Europe that works together in necessary areas (defence, border surveillance, internal Market, environment), leaving the unilateral focus on globalisation and market forces in favour of national interests of employment and a The fairer distribution of the profits that this cooperation generates.That means more reward for work, and a shift from tax pressures from work to environmental tax and capital gains. Not by tax on savings or the assets that are fixed in their own home, but by a fairer tax system, where excessive profits are also taxed excessively. That is not an easy job, and not appealing to those who benefit most from the current proportions, the super rich, but revolution and collapse or even stagnation of world trade is not.

The original question was:
Do you think Brexit is a Nexit?When?

This was not a convenient exit.The answer from Niek Holtzappel now looks seriously ridiculous.

Oerigens becomes less clear with the day what is going to happen with Brexit.

One never thought that the population would choose an exit, more a “you see that the population wants to stay”.The UK has always been in two jumps, it wanted the benefits of the Union, but not the disadvantages.

Soon the European elections in May, the number of seats is lowered as a result of the UK’s decision to leave the Union…

The Netherlands is a contrast to the UK in the Euro, why Ern Nexit is many times more complicated. The exchange rate from Euro to the new guilder will also be quite below the course for which the guilders could be redeemed at the time.This is also an extremely costly story for the citizens.

No, a Nexit is as good as impossible.

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