Do you still believe in the power of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? Why not/Does it?

Yes, I am still convinced that Crypto will become a strong player in how we deal with value.

The question probably comes from someone who is interested in buying Crypto or who bought +/-a year ago (around the BTC all time high of +/-19k USD) and what is lost to confidence now that the Bitcoin is again sub 4k USD.

Now when we look at the all-year-lows instead of highs, we see a rising trend.Why do I think this trend is important? Because it indicates the growth of long-term investors while the ATHs indicate the short term.

Then of course the follow-up question, why do more and more people believe that Bitcoin or crypto in general.The development does not stand still, the one who has looked a little further than the course knows that in the past year a lot of good developments have taken place, to mention just one example the gigantic growth of the Lightning network and certainly to In that same period with more than 80%!!! Dropped.

The power of Crypto is in the concept of the blockchain and what you can do with it.EEA is widely used, accessible applications are needed and there is a full-scale work. If all the infrastructure is there then I see, personally, no “general” (e.g. From the bank perspective, I see reason enough) reason to continue to use our current currencies.

That is what the force is in, the fact that it is literally money 2.0, as is money of origin exchange-trade 2.0.

Apart from the question: The reason why it is not used much now is the same reason why the car was not taken in use by everyone.The literal infrastructure (our road network) was not yet/not so extensive so the “gain” of having a car was not as big as it is today.

Surely but what do you define as a cryptocurrency?It is very difficult to shave all over the same comb.

Here you already have an overview of crypto or token types.

BTC is a blockchain native token.

Other examples include ETH, ZIL, TRX, MAN,… As long as these blockchain infrastructures are worn and supported, there is still a lot of future for such “coins”. However, it is so that you have to look through the hype and its value. Bitcoin has a fixed total supply of 21 million Bitcoin and most are already in circulation. Given many political struggles in Venezuela, Bitcoin is also seen as a Safe Haven despite its volatility.

If you need more info about blockchain or crypto then you can ask questions.As a company, we offer every crypto enthusiast a user-friendly crypto-wallet for free via

What it comes down to is a common belief.Money is a joint belief. This also applies to a border, for beauty, for politics. And also for Bitcoins.

Some of us are naturally skeptical of all that is being told.It does not connect to our own experiences and sometimes we just think differently about things. Most people do not invest anything and call only some. Those are the “I had maars” of the future. Soit.

To find out if Bitcoin has power, you have to look at the daily volume.Also, an analysis of bitcoin is not the only thing you are looking at: You also look at currency pairs and stock prices.

I still see a lot of Bitcoin happening every day.There are quite a few people who have made a nice fortune with it. That can go up and down, because you can buy them and you can trade in it. So for that matter, I think BTC’s volatility is really great. And for all the others I say HODL.

There are useful applications of blockchain but a crypto currency is not one of them.

3 Major problems:

  • It’s downright ridiculous that bitcoin now consumes more power than whole countries or Google!
  • Furthermore, it is possible in blockchain to get rid of transactions and
  • It is prone to a majority attack.

So no, this is not him.

In Ben in the Bitcoin stepped around 2013, which was partly due to a website we had about Forex (trading currencies and Cryptos).It was abracadabra for me and after a lot of reading and dealing with it myself, the crypto quarters slowly fell on my side. Maybe I can best compare it to the Internet. In 1995 I started with it and didn’t understand much, only years later I realised the power and future possibilities of the internet and that feeling came to many hundreds of thousands of Dutchmen as well. The internet bubble was created and snated at World Online in 2000 apart. If we look back now, we would certainly be right just the value that we all had at the time was far too great.

Cryptos and especially the advantages of the blockchain are endless and here we are going to have much to do as humanity.That there is far too much diversity with the crypto coins is, in my opinion, a fact. This is because so many parties and people want to earn money from it and that was folded around this time last year. We are now in a decent ‘ bear ‘ market when you are selling the value to euros. What is a crypto worth is of course the key question, which gives the fool for it. Ultimately, the value is what we can do with it and here I firmly believe in it. I already use daily coins like BETR and CHP to bet on sports bets and play poker. For instance, IOTA ‘ Internet of Things ‘ can take great steps to make the connection at home and outside (such as a fridge that will order your groceries when needed).

Blockchain offers unprecedented possibilities and that’s why I believe in the power of Cryptos.As to whether you should invest in it now, I have no answer:-)

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