Do you say kids cute/cute things you want to share?

We visited an old cathedral in Girona with my son (then 8) and he took an audio guide in Russian.They did not have English. I told him that it’s probably too hard for him to follow, but he was sure he’d rather listen to the guide than to my story.

So he listened very attentively and when he finished the tour, I asked him if he could follow it and remember (not unimportant).

Sure!It’s about Jesus. His mother was Mary and his father was Joseph and they are the Holy Family. And Jesus was very cool, clever and funny so the Israeli Oh, I mean, the Hebrew people found him super nice and wanted him to be their king, but the Romans were angry with him because they wanted to be the boss of the whole world and they picked him up and he T cross hung and then they left. But God saw it, and he saved Jesus and let him fly away. And the Romans came in the morning to eat Jesus as breakfast and they saw that he was gone, so they call “Whaaaaat the heck where is Jesus?” And Jesus swings from above and says “隆 Hola! Hahahaah I am in heaven and you guys can not fly, losers!

And he flew away, to Spain and Italy.So the antique Catholics know how he looked and hang up his paintings everywhere. And he flew to Bar莽a and told them to put a cross on their logo, so they become the best club. And let Messi put a tattoo with Jesus. So he is the best player ever. But the historical Jews do not have to do it. They have already come to know him before, therefore. And he flew not to China, you know why?

“Why?”-I asked him, already double of laughter.

“Mom, that’s so easy!The old Chinese have already used all the stones to build the Chinese wall. How could they build churches? And if you hang up the wall art, the rain water washes away all the paint! “

They are 34 and 38 years old, so not really, no.

However, our son recently said during a lunch, where we met with the parents of his girlfriend, that until his 14th year he thought that all fathers were working for up to 10 hours, and had to do regular evening, night and week-end availability services.A little later he found out that our family life was not so “ordinary”, but he did not suffer.

Our daughter also thought to her 13th year that “everyone” after elementary school, was going to do secondary school to study afterwards, only then did she realise that it was not so at most, after all, the HAVO VWO group of secondary schoolchildren was only 15% of all Dutch High school students.She has traveled the course, until her PhD (promotion), after which she dissapointed the medicine, she now works in all satisfaction in eHealth.


My wife and I have been trying to get children for eight years.

Unfortunately without consequence.

My eldest granddaughters (then 2 and 4) were visiting.One of the nicest games for them was playing with Zaklantarens. At ern given moment I did the light again, and the eldest asked if I could do it “dark again.”

The short answer is ‘ yes ‘.

My son has now no longer the age to say cute things (at least not to me), but he used to be very strong. One of the cutest stories I found is this.

He never really knew his grandfather.Who died when he was just a year.

When he was a year or four/five he asked me ‘ Daddy, when will we go to Suriname once? ‘

I asked him why he asked.’ Well (name of girlfriend from his class) has been to Suriname because her grandfather is dead. She wanted to see him one more time. And my grandfather is also dead. And I want to see him too ‘.

I can tell you about the (sadly far too short) time I was stepfather.One of my first wife’s children called me ‘ half-father ‘, an honorary title that I never forget.

I have my own children, as far as I know, not.

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