Do you really have to be homosexual to play a gay character in a movie? Is the ability to play something or someone not the essence of acting?

Have a look at the masterpiece of Pedro Alomodóvar “La Mala Educación”.

One of the characters playing the role of an actor who gets the role of a drag queen goes to a gay club with drag queen show to get inspired.He explains to the drag queen that he is going to play the drag queen in a film and the drag queen asks: How have they not invited me to this role? “Porque soy actor. Tú Eres Maricón “.

Do you really have to be a woman to depict a woman in the theatre?

Apparently not.In antiquity and in various Oriental cultures (and perhaps) it was customary for all roles to be played by men.

Do we still think that is obvious?No, now it is rather a laughingly situation, think of Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire.

Until deep into the twentieth century, black people were shown by whites.All of America is now falling over our black Pieten.

While of course you can also argue that the essence of acting is to play what you are not.

Why do women, black people and, in their extension, respond to the question, do homosexual women and men feel that something is unethical?

Of course, you don’t have to be Jewish to play a Holocaust victim.Yet you see few non-Jewish Germans doing that. How would that come?

Why is that different from when a white actor plays a doctor, or a police chief?Why is that different from a black actor playing a surgeon? Why should all this and were black and German-and Dutch-speaking actors in the US for decades cast as ‘ de crook ‘ in the above-proportionally? Why were those Germans and Dutchmen (Schwarzenegger, Hauer) there not at all unhappy under and the black actors though?

Could age discrimination be a link between those categories?

Ask yourself those questions, ask those women and men and hopefully you’ll light up.

Sure it doesn’t necessarily have to.

Well, I think it’s generally easier to really live in your character when you share certain experiences.Some things you only really understand when you have experienced it yourself. I as white someone will never really understand how it is for people of colour (here is a good Dutch term for?) to live in a western country. I as a cis person will never really know what it is like to be transsexual. Do you get? I can read about and listen to experiences, I can argue, but I will never really feel it myself.
In this same way, a heterosexual can think of someone to some extent what it would be like to get out of the closet, or just sit in it, or how you would feel when you are harassed on the streets because you walk hand in hand with your par Tner – but someone who is homosexual herself is how it is. Sure, there may still be differences – a homosexual actor who comes from a progressive environment will have very different experiences than anyone who needs to be seen in communities where homosexuals are converted to conversion therapy Sent on pain of a talaq – yet the actor probably understands better what his character is through.

One possible other reason that a filmmaker could consciously choose to cast someone who is really gay is that he/she is afraid of inadvertently putting stereotyped characters.There you can – rightly – get serious criticism.

No, but…

So far, many good (Oscar potential) roles have only been played by straight men.And until about a decade ago, almost all gay roles were for straight men.

If I say now: Should all women be played by a woman?(in Shakespeare’s time). It should also be the answer that they should at least be considered and actually prefer a man.

It also seems to me that personal experiences as a woman contribute to a more realistic view as a woman.Someone who doesn’t have the same life experience should look outside what someone is doing and guess or ask why. This gives more chance of stereotyping.

Now I don’t say people can play no roles at all outside of your category, it’s only weird if in the vast majority the roles are forgiven to people who don’t raids there.

No.And Okk not vice versa.

Rock Hudson played Machos.

In Modern Family, a gay couple is coming: Cameron and Mitchel.The actor who plays Mitchel is really gay. The actor that Cameron does not play. In the Birdcage, Nathan Lane (gay) and Robin Williams (straight) play a couple who run a nightclub.

At Modern Family Cameron Nichteriger is put down than Mitchell.The hetero plays the dislodged niece. In the Birdcage It is the other way around. Nathan Lane puts a fantastic crossdressing niece down.

I have the idea that generally gays are put down in a movie like straight’s see them.So overly feminiem and emotionally. With the emphasis on being exaggerated. Most gays are normal men.

Acting is indeed you imagine that you are someone else and that drop on film or on the Buhne or just to your fellow man for fun or to accomplish something, good or evil.

Certainly not.There were already gay characters in movies long before there were so many gay actors, and also now gay characters are sometimes played by actors who are really not gay (Tom Hanks plays eg. Andrew Becket in Philidelphia, Matt Damon plays Scott Thorson in Behind the Candlebara….[1 )

So yes, a good actor plays every role.


[1 30 + Straight Actors Who Have Played Gay Characters

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