Do you love your country?

Good question.

In these times, one often asks oneanother – or feels compelled to think about it.

I have watched as I have only really become aware in recent years of how important some things are to me.You don’t notice until you see it at risk.

And so I discovered that I am probably a constitutional patriot.I like the foundations on which the Federal Republic is based. If I am properly informed, we are one of the most modern democratic republics in the world – and that is something that is important to me that I want to preserve, for others and for myself.

I also seem to like to be European.When I see some people wielging the axe on the European Union, I feel as if something is being taken away from me. I have T-shirts and sweaters at home with the ESA symbol on it – wear them too.

As a child/adolescent, I always dreamed of experiencing another ESA Mars colony.Just as ESA works, cooperatively, not always most effectively but together and fairly.

During my holiday in Portugal I felt so comfortable, the “Obrigado” of the Portuguese, the two French about us and their sloping punk rock… and I felt a little bit part of all this.

All this, I see how some people are already questioning everything in principle and noting how much I fear the loss.I think I am European. yes.

I’m comfortable.

Love… oh herrje.I love people. Sometimes my work. Occasionally even Schalke 04. But my country?

What is“mycountry”?How does affection for a country arise? Probably about the concept of homeland. The familiar in which you feel safe.

I like myhometown, Gelsenkirchen, where voices of the past whisper in so many corners and streets, memories come up, by a familiar smell or a sound.

I like to live here, untroubled and without deeper contact, but still in the middle of it, between my neighbours and their various behaviors and sometimes quirks.

In summer, I sometimes open the window to the backyard and hear it. Turks(?) there, who then sit outside, I listen to the children play and scream… Every now and then a roof cat visits me, once a week the Israeli national anthem resounds loudly through the street, the Polish chatter of the S盲uferecke sometimes annoys me, but if it is not there, I worry where they are at the moment.

… the Omma under me has the TV running loud until night at 3, the Arabs stay under it for himself, the man always salutes, his shoes stink the hallway full, the Syrians are new here, but dear and the son seems to be a dead guy and in the apartment next door With the roof terrace, this always stalked Mrs Robinson lives and forgets to wear some laundry when she pans her wine glass on the roof terrace – or roars down, shouting “the cops.”

The “net” a few meters from my house, we always call “net-from-hell”, because of the chaos and the crowds and the rough but lightning-fast cashiers and constantly a new snack sets up, some even hold.The old rotting car park opposite, they are now tearing down. I miss itnow.

People have little and still make the most of it, everyone is always pessimistic but just do it.Here you still make gold out of the biggest dirt.

I’ve been here for so long.I went to school here, with Rabauken and little geniuses and when half of Germany throttled 脰zil, it was as if one of them was going to my neighbours, so I can’t stand Neuer anymore… Changing clubs is okay, being disloyal to your own people, not at all… could have said something, as Obercoke Zero of the nation, could have protected Mesut and Ilkay, against this agreement of the fact that the boys are from here, just as I am a boy from here and Neuer was once one…

I think, yes, in the broadest sense, I already love my homeland – and everything that resembles it: Bochum, Essen, Recklinghausen, Wanne-Eickel…

But Germany is already a little more than the Ruhr area.There are these small towns in BaW眉, the well-located neighbourhoods in Hamburg, the areas in east Germany where the bald people live and march.

If you don’t want to say anything against these areas, there are certainly beautiful places, there are certainly also great people there – but i’m totally alien to that.This is not my home, not myway of life, not “my people”.

I don’t feel at home like in Gelsenkirchen.I do not feel comfortable in Lisbon.

To accept these parts of the country, no problem, to appreciate them, so there is something to appreciate, of course!and of course, A….holes are everywhere, also clear…

But to love something about homeliness that is as alien to you as another star?How is this supposed to work?

And so it is with the country, a whole of places, one of which is my home, many of which I also like, and all the rest that I hardly know and perhaps even avoid.

No, I don’t love my country.

I like our country, for what it is supposed to stand for.

I like our Constitution, I think it’s nice to be European and to be German, in Europe, is certainly a privilege.

But love, if you can love a place, I just love my home.


Thank you for asking.

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