Do you listen to the radio, to CDs and podcasts or nothing at all when driving? Why?

While driving, I always listen to my music.I have an old radio that cannot be connected to my phone, so instead I use a JBL mini speaker that is connected to my phone.

I drive with the App Waze (on silent) to find my way (and see if there are speed traps), at the same time with my favorite playlist on Deezer.

I like to listen to music while driving.Actually sing and “Dance” I also in my car. I have always done that, and I know that in the Netherlands I would rather expect “do normal”….. But I just can’t. Music is fun, and gives me a good mood. I know that some people at the red light See me singing and “dancing”/pure enjoyment, because they wave at me, smile and give me the thumbs up or applause. I think it’s cool because it spreads a joyful moment. A butterfly effect of good musical vibes and a good feeling of cheerfulness.

I listen to podcasts and audiobooks during longer car rides with lots of long stretches away.If you are interrupted every 500m by your GPS device, then an audiobook is not that interesting.

With shorter car rides, where I often have to concentrate more, I listen to music on Google Play.

I can’t stand the radio properly.The continuous chatter of presenters who find themselves so funny, combined with the advertising blocks, make sure that I really only listen to the radio if I can’t do anything else.

The most beautiful sound I know is no sound.Always been so, I am a silence lover. So I turn the car Radio One minute before the news, and after the file messages (LEED Entertainment!) out again. All that rant and getetter….

Also at home I am known as the Great Outsetter.When I returned home I put everything that came out of sound. My children complained about it-sometimes only an hour later, because only then did they have it.

And yes, I definitely love a nice music.With the headphones on, and then I do nothing else either. Then I listen.

I drive one hour a trip to my work and always listened to Cds.Everything as long as it’s Rock. Yet it is a lost hour and since half a year I listen to Radio Doc. These are radio documentaries from the NPO. It’s about all sorts of topics. I am now listening to old episodes, and only 1 per week is coming up, so I will have to look for a new podcast.

Further the favourite list of Deezer or KINK FM, since February back from the left.(radio station for alternative music)

Yes to the radio

‘, ‘ I listen to nothing at all.I’ve always learned (driving a full time job before) that driving is very intense, that has to pay attention. Many years ago (in Belgi锚 at least) you were not allowed to disturb the tram or bus driver. Therefore, I do not want to be distracted when I row. So don’t count on music with me, I also don’t like talking much in the car. One more reason for that, the old cars of the past weren’t as fooseproof, and if you heard something abnormal while driving, you could sometimes stop in time, and recover the case before you got a heavy breakdown.

“,” CDs with classical music, and I play the same CD until I get tired of it.That can take a week, or two months. Bach’s Toccatas and Mozart’s piano concertos go the kangste so far. And I listen on long rides to podcasts in Spanish, on exercise.

“,” I drive myself into a classic in the making.The advantage of this is that the value remains the same or even can rise. One drawback is that unfortunately I do not have an AUX let stand a Bluetooth or USB connection on my car stereo. It’s a cassette player, and a modern CD player with 6-CD magazine. Unfortunately, it only plays regular Cds, not MP 4. I make my own Cds in the car, and listen to my own music. Then I know that every song is good and I don’t have to listen to jerk music for three minutes when I listen to the radio.

If I ever want to drive a newer car, an AUXILIARY connection is something I watch, because then I can pair my phone with Deezer and just listen to my playlists.Now I have to rip those playlists very cumbersome, then burn them to a CD and new songs I can only add if I have there for at least 80 minutes.

Installing another car radio is not an option because the current original is with steering wheel control, and the value of my car drops when I put a non original modern radio in there.

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