Do you like the United States?

I have lived in the Netherlands for my first 36 years and the last 13 In America in 3 different states (Ohio, Minnesota and California).

I always say that there are two different ‘ Amerikaas ‘.
One is the Americas that you see through the media and the other is what you see and do with your own eyes.

The first I hate. What I see in the news about politics, Trump, Republicans, Democrats, or about foreign affairs, security (guns, shootings).What I read online and if Americans react to social media etc… Short-sighted and conservative people. I find it terrible.

Then there is where I live and the people I encounter daily, which is fine and even very pleasant.If you have an OK job, life here is good.
People don’t talk quickly about their face to face beliefs, so you don’t usually know their political or social beliefs, at least not in the beginning.
I have a Tech job in Silicon Valley.An hour from the coast in the west, three hours from the mountains in the east, where I have a second (weekend) house. San Fransisco Nearby, Napa to the north, Big Sur and Los Angeles to the south. Yosemite National Park and Sequoia National Park at a distance. Delicious.

But as I said, the America that you see and read through the TV and the Internet I wouldn’t want to live… But in reality, all that is different and you are almost never confronted with those things.

My father has been on the US regularly for his work.

“Nice to visit, but I would NEVER want to live there.”

Back then we lived with great pleasure in Saudi Arabia.My school was guarded by American Marines, my mother never went out of the door without clean underwear in her bag just in case she was taken hostage, and my father got from the family Bin Laden a Christmas package with whiskey. My mother went down the prisons when all the mammoth workers were arrested again, while my father made the fixer sober because he had an opium day….

But luckily we were not in the US

Sometimes and sometimes not.There is a lot of space. I live in a city but nature is nearby. Snapper Turtle, Opossum, bald eagles, hummingbirds. The beach is just a day’s drive from here and the mountains also in the other direction. There is everything and all sorts of people, who are also quite friendly.

But there are also things that I like less.You live on a large island. People want to know as much as possible about the world because their mediocrity is good enough for the universe. And the consequences of that self-imposed shortsightedness are well-noticed. The country.

I don’t think “fun” is the right word. Maw: Do you like the Netherlands?

Nice as: funny.
You can not put a country away as funny.Not even the US. It’s more that you do a facepalm than you laugh…

Nice as: cozy.
They don’t know how to socialize in the USA.It can be nice to be with friends, or to have a BBQ in the garden with family, but cosiness themselves do not know.

Nice as: fine.
It’s a great country, so you have all sorts of people’s settings.Some are blunt, others are friendly. Some states are very left oriented, while other states are very right oriented.

Maw: It depends on what you expect from it.
I have been living there for 16 years now and I like it.Yes, a lot of things are different from what you expect in NL and they work differently here, but in general they are friendly people and there is a life here.

Yes and NO!

I’ve been there for work 20 years ago more than 10 times and have met nice and knowledgeable people.But also volslage-twisted conspiracy thinkers.

There are beautiful pieces of nature and some of the big cities I’ve been to were a disaster.You can (almost) not without a car and “even” go somewhere can be just a 3 hour ride.

Over the last few decades, it has evolved into an extreme plutocration with a poor class that can only keep the head above water, a small, particularly wealthy upper class, and a middle class that is constantly pushed to the lower limit.

Things that we see here in the Netherlands as normal are only at least present, such as Social Security, a (more or less) impartial case law, and an accessible health care system.

I would like to live no gold in the present situation.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands and moved to the USA at the age of 20.
The Netherlands has its charms but I never really felt at home.Everything is small, narrow-minded, laborious, expensive. Can’t, shouldn’t.
We had family in Canada and have been there for a few times on holiday in my childhood and it was a relief.The space, the beautiful cars, the nature, everything is big and wide. I was sold. My family recommended to go to the US and so I did.
Initially I lived in California for about 10 years.I had some hate-love relationship with it. There are also an awful lot of rules, taxes, burocration, but less than in the Netherlands.
So I moved to Texas some 10 years ago and it’s excellent.I can’t think of a better place. Texas has low loads and has a lot of freedom. From a single income I can easily maintain a family and live generously. We have a big plot in the woods on a private road. My wife teaches the children at home. We have been able to build our own house very cheaply, and you do not need a permit. No man who bothering us, and that is hard to find today.

A few things to keep in mind:
1.Remember that every state in the US is in many respects about its own country. Like that the Netherlands is very different from Hungary or France, the American States also know big differences.
2.Do not listen to the news, the media is very unilateral and consciously selective in what they do or do not report. See for yourself! Many of those things as your own children can teach is, in my view, very important, much more important than what this-of-gene has written on Twitter. But you will never hear the media there.

Yeah I’m lying regularly in a dent.

I have been living in California for 5 years now and have worked a lot in Washington D.C. for my work I travel to different states in the country.But this question is not so easy to answer and depends on where you live and in what kind of a situation you’re wrong. California alone is 10x larger than the Netherlands and is particularly diverse in the type of people and nature. The beautiful thing about the US is that you have a lot of unspoiled nature and travel simplifies. Here you do not turn your hand around for just three hours to drive to a destination in a day. The people I have met are mostly experiencing and helpful. If you have a good job that is life here fine, but it can also be a lot less if you get into the financial problems or become unemployed and do not have a “backup”. You definitely need to plan financially ahead here. But as far as facilities are concerned, I also pay $200 per month for the health insurance of my wife and I and have no excess, I have a 401K (retirement savings Plan) for my old day where I get $400 per month in supply and where my employer has another $400 b IJ does. So all in all it is a beautiful country and if you rule it well for your self you can be pleasant old.

Never been.A lot about read, many films about it. Almost all the Americans I have met are members of the superiority-eissyndroom. Not very pleasant. I grew up as a worker child and treated as such in schools and by the better class. Also not pleasant. So people who see me as less, turn the neckhairs straight. But I also have very good memories of a few Americans. So it will be! That is the case with the Americans. The US at the moment? As long as Trump is in power? Sorry!

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