Do you know quotations from the Bible or other ancient scriptures that describe aspects of narcissism?

The Swiss pastor Sonja Wieland’s article (see for a long time) spanned the arc from the history of creation to today’s theme of narcissism.

Unfortunately, the question (asked here on Quora) whether the Old Testament god Jehovah is a narcissist or not has not been targeted.It was limited to the “first” narcissist, the Archangel Lucifer and his fall from grace.

Those who have been injured by narcissists have to do with the manifestations of “evil” and perhaps the existential question of its origin sometimes arises.

I deliberately put the word in quotation marks here, because whether or not “evil” exists as an independent power, opinions differ on this and are often ideologically or culturally colored. […
Nor is the “devil” seen as an adversary of God.According to Ezekiel (Ezekiel 28:17) and John (Revelation 12:7ff), the Lucifer was originally an angel who was very beautiful and strong. But this had gone up to his head and he wanted the other angels and also God to worship him. This was a shot in his own foot, as Lucifer would soon notice. For he and those who were blinded by him were quickly thrown out of heaven (and landed on the earth according to the legend). His name was taken from him and he was given another name 鈥?”Satan”. In popular piety, Satan is often seen as an adversary to God. This is only partly true, because he is still an angel 鈥?an ex-angel to be exact 鈥?but himself a creature 鈥?not a creator. If the ex-angel Lucifer is supposed to have a heavenly counterpart, it would be the Archangel Michael.
So much for the myth of the origin of evil.Narcissism on a cosmic level, so to speak 鈥?narcissistic insult as the origin of a metaphysical catastrophe. Lucifer’s attitude to entitlement and self-deification may already be evident in the old myths.

Selection of Biblical quotations on the subject of narcissism

Truth Twister on The Way

  • Insight and prudence protect you.

They keep you from doing anything wrong. They keep you away from those who twistthe truth, who have left the straight path and are on dark paths.They enjoy doing wrong, they rejoice in the worst of others’ mistakes.
Proverbs 2, 11-14 – (AT) Mr President, I would like to

Addiction narcissistic behaviour – lack of conscience

  • Do not follow the example of unscrupulous people,do not follow the example of the doomsday founders!

Have nothing to do with them, do not go by their ways! Turn away from injustice, don’t get into it! Bad people can’t fall asleep if they haven’t done something before.They do not find peace until they have harmed someone. Injustice is their daily bread and violence of wine, in which they are intoxicated. They fall and don’t know what they’ve stumbled upon.
Proverbs 4, 13-19 – (AT) Mr President, I would like to

Critical feedback is interpreted as an attack.

  • Anyone who wants to teach an imaginary [scorner) is ridiculous.

And whoever rebukes a doomsday donor does it to his own detriment. Tadle no conceited, he will hate you. Show the educated his faults, and he will love you for them.
Proverbs 9, 7-8 – (AT) Mr President, I would like to

Arrogance, arrogance – communication jam

  • A haughty look, an arrogant spirit 鈥?wanting to say something to an evil person leads to nothing.
    Proverbs 21, 4 – (AT) Mr President, I would like to


  • Like a madmanplaying with fire arrows and weapons, one is cheating on his friend and then says, “It was just a joke.”
    Proverbs 26, 18-19 – (AT) Mr President, I would like to

Lovebombing – Flattering Tactics

  • An evil man is full of falsehood, but he hides them behind flatterywords.

And if he speaks so kindly, don’t believe him. He has all imaginable devils in mind.
Proverbs 26, 24 – (AT) Mr President, I would like to

Notorious lying – PTSD-damaged victim

  • A tongue of lies hates those crushed by it; and a smooth mouth causes a fall.
    Proverbs 26, 28 – (AT) Mr President, I would like to

Insatiable Hungry Ghosts

  • Shameless villains follow the poor and trap them in treacherous traps.

They also say that they are so insatiable. Nothing counts for them 鈥?only their profit. In their megalomania, they argue: “How should God hold us accountable?Where it doesn’t exist!”. Further, their presumptuous thinking is not enough. They do what they want and they succeed. They laugh mockingly at each opponent. “What’s going to shake us?” they say. “Every misfortune passes by us; that’s always the way it has been, that’s how it stays!” They curse, they lie and threaten 鈥?what they speak brings destruction and mischief.
Psalm 10, 1-7 – (AT) Mr President, I would like to

Disaster-maker – Contact lock recommendation

  • Think carefully about who you invite into your house; for a sneaky man finds many opportunities to harm you.

An evil man is dangerous like a curling bird in a cage; like a scout, he lurks on an opportunity to bring you down.He twists good intoevil, even in the most selfless deed he finds something to be done.A small spark sets a whole pile of coals on fire and a rogue is just waiting to shed blood. Beware of doom swells, they plan nothing but mischief and can ruin your reputation forever. Bring such a man into your house and he confuses everything; it alienates you from your own family.
Sirach 11, 29-34 – (AT) Mr President, I would like to

Inability to criticise – lack of willingness to resolve conflicts
Private – In a small circle – Public

  • If your brother has committed an injustice, and this applies accordingly to the sister, then go and speak to him under four eyes.

When he lets him talk to him, you’ve regained him.
But if he does not listen to you, go again, this time with one or two others; for every matter is to be decided on the basis of the testimony of two or three witnesses.
If he still doesn’t want to hear, bring the matter to the church.If he does not even listen to the church, treat him like an unbeliever or a deceiver.
Matthew 18:15-17 – (NT) Mr President, I would like to

Father of Lies (original image of Narcissus)

  • [The devil has been a murderer from the beginning and has never had anything to do with the truth because there is no truth in him.

If he lies, it is his essence; for he is a liar, and all the lies come from him. John 8, 44 (NT)

False teachers who want to be admired

  • These people are like springs that do not give water, like clouds of fog that the storm is driving ahead.

They speak lofty, empty words and, through the temptations of an extravagant life, attract people who have only just escaped life in error with scarce need.They promise them freedom 鈥?when they themselves are slaves.
2.Peter, 2, 17-19 (NT)

Uncovering Narcissism

  • For as long as the root of wickedness is hidden, it is strong.

But when it is recognized, it has dissolved. But when it shows up, it has faded away.
Gospel according to Philip, verse 123, created in the 3rd century, found at Nag Hammadi in Egypt, Codex 2, 1945

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