Do you have a strategy for building external traffic from search engines?

Of course!Everyone who wants to successfully promote their own websites and shops on the Internet should have this. I think it is an essential point for one’s own success.

Let me just say these important points:

How do I optimize my own website?


There is probably no more basic strategy for SEO than integrating internal links on your website – it’s an easy way to increase traffic to individual pages.You should make it the default to use your archives frequently when creating new content. The anchor text should be made search engine-friendly.The more relevant the words point to a page, the more likely that page is to appear in search results when users perform a search query with those terms. As with all other SEO approaches, you should make sure that your links are appropriate, and also make sure you don’t overdo it with the links – you don’t want your visitors to get upset.

2.Search-friendly URLS

Make your URLs searcher-friendlyby naming them with unique keywords.When it comes to your website, your URLs are often the first thing Google and customers see. They can be difficult to correct if you don’t plan ahead, as endless forwarding loops can come. Neither Google nor your website visitors will appreciate this. Example: This page is called search engine optimization and not e.g. http://werbungfuerdeingeschaeft…. – easy to understand, right?;)

3.Strategically add your keywords to your landing page

Once you’ve set your target keywords, you should strategically place them on your landing page.Here’s where to place them if you want to get on with SERPs:

Title Tag: This is the title of your page.It is the large blue link that represents a page on SERPs and appears at the top of the page in the tabs of your browser. Focus on making your title compelling to promote click-throughs.

Meta Description: This is the short description of the page you see under the title in SERPs.Use this option to give searchers an idea of what they will find on the page when they click through.

Header tags: In HTML, the title tags are arranged in a hierarchy from H1 to H6.Your page should only have one H1 tag and this should be your main heading. If you have sub-headings under this H1, use H2. If you want to have subpositions among your H2s, use H3 and so on and so on. This prioritizes your content. Putting words in an H1 says to Google “These are the most important words on my page.”

Image File Names: Always try to give your images descriptive file names.Because Google can’t physically see your images, the written description you give to those images must fall into the file name. An image caption that contains your keywords improves ranking (separate words with hyphens, no underscores).

Your keywords: Your keywords should appear in your entire website, but sparingly.If you use them too often, a tactic known as keyword-filling, you risk being punished by Google.

4.High-quality and unique content

Google prioritizes companies that deliver high-quality, informative, and unique content that shows that they know their industry well.

A local SEO content strategy that successfully targets your local audience and offers real added valueto people in your region is crucial not only for local brand recognition, awareness and relevance, but also for higher page rank, increased credibility and overall improved user experience and conversions.

Tips for finding and creating relevant content for your local audience:

  • When you receive new requests, are there questions that are often asked?

If so, write a series of blogs that answer these frequently asked questions.

  • What are topics that strike a blow in social media postings and make people talk?
  • What knowledge do you have that your customers would find useful?
  • What do you talk about in industry groups on LinkedIn or Xing?
  • Are there articles from people you consider an influencer in your industry?
  • This can give you control over the problems that are currently shaping your industry.

    Here is our checklist:

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