Do you feel confident? Were you always confident, or did you have to work on yourself to get there?

Yes, it may sound arrogant, but that doesn’t matter much.

I’m in a good position, I do work that I like, people around me, everything is pretty good.I have my specializations, I know what I am good at. I’m really not the best, but also not bad at what I do. I deliver good work, even though I still have a lot to learn.

There is no reason not to be proud of what you can do, I also think it is important to do.Self-assurance may, you do not have to be perfect to “earn”self-assurance.

Self-assurance is such a thing that everyone wants to have, books are written about it, and people pay a lot of money to get it.In the end it is not a big secret, there is also no special roadmap that works for everyone. It’s a matter of self-acceptance, recognizing your strengths, and allowing yourself to be proud of what you can. That’s different for everyone. Are there things I’m unsure about? Sure, everyone has, but I don’t let myself lead by it and see it as something to overcome.

At the moment I am preparing a course for other PhDs.I feel incredibly underqualified, but I know I have the knowledge to do it. Is going to be very exciting and also give a lot of satisfaction. Am I confident? Yes. Am I afraid? That too.

It was not always so, I had to learn this too.The biggest impact is puberty, my God what is that a mess. There was so much going on and it took a while before I had everything again. I don’t believe someone is born self-assured, but some people get it quicker than others.

The key to happiness is to not care so much, when you are happy with yourself and you little attracts from other people then the rest comes naturally.

I am confident in subareas.When it comes to my profession or to certain activities that I assume I am extremely confident.

But put me in the kitchen with the command to prepare a meal for ten people and then you will see an awkward wretch who gets the Spanish stuffy, stiffening, gets the sweat on the forehead.Of course, I could learn it-and that will increase my self-confidence in the kitchen. And there lies the core, I think. People are not born confident, but by practice and learning they are going to better control a certain aspect. And then comes a moment when you gain confidence in yourself, and become confident.

In fact, self-assurance has a risk in itself, namely that you reject feedback ‘ because you know it so well ‘.That is the moment that self-assurance is going to work against you.

Many things go slower, more difficult, when you get older.This month I become 65 and that is, perhaps not in this time and in a western country, but seen in the light of the history of mankind, a high age. We are built at about 40 years and then the teething is nicely worn, the joints and bones weakened, the eyes and ears in decline and vital organs like heart, liver, kidneys and lungs are also getting a tooth less work.

Brains are also subject to wear and tear, not by use, on the contrary, but because the blood supply and drain and thus the supply of oxygen and building materials and the disposal of waste will show defects.All that is still unrelated to the (cumulative) effect of diseases, radiation and deficits.

But one thing gets better.You don’t have that much. You don’t have to conquer a place in society anymore. You don’t have to learn anymore, other than because you like it. You have learned to deal with the world and the people. You have seen modes coming up, fading and coming back again. You have learned that almost nothing is black/white. You have seen that things that you once saw as all-out, money, power, a political or moral point of view, do not have to be poured into concrete. You should occasionally do a little water in the wine. Health and happiness are not self-evident. So you’re happy with everything that goes well.

I used to be the opposite of self-assured.I felt uncomfortable in almost all social situations and facing almost every stranger. Over the years I have had to learn to go about it. The biggest shock was when I was told by a colleague at the age of 21 that he found me arrogant. Apparently my way of giving myself an attitude with all my uncertainty was skipped in something that looked like the opposite. Much later I recognized that only in others. Take such a Trump. An unhealthy need for recognition and affirmation is what drives the Stumperd.

“Stumperd” is the word my grandmother used for people who shout and overestimate themselves.And that’s quite a lot.

I cannot say that I am now self-assured.But I do have the confidence that I am not stupid, not inclined to act or judge in haste. I still like to puzzle about difficult problems. But I do not need to be able to solve everything.

I almost never feel confident.I often think that self-assurance is not generic enough for situations.

I strive for other mental countries.

For example, I find the targeting much better for me.Then self-assurance is possible there by itself.

I was always confident in professional field.Down to the arrogant. I knew what I could and what I was worth. If I had to apply for it, I went into the conversation with an attitude of ‘ why do we actually carry out this talk, we all know that I am your husband, so let’s not waste time ‘. And that usually worked. But usually, I didn’t even have to do any real solicitation. I rolled from one job in the other, made sure that I was away at a company when I started to get bored, it didn’t go well, or I was told that the company wasn’t running Nice. Until my contract was not renewed once in the middle of the crisis and I could not find a new job. Then it went seriously wrong.

Now, I’m not sure of anything anymore.I have the feeling that I can do nothing, sneeze well, be too old, Onde qualified for one and qualified for the other. I don’t deug for anything and if I have to solicitate I am shating seven color shit. The UWV also does not know what to do with me so of misery they have only let me follow a training in the hope that retraining works….

In addition, I follow a training on your own, hoping that I can make my hobby my work, later when I am big.9-3

In some areas though, and in other areas than not again.

I think this will be the case for everyone.

Everyone has strong and weak points.

There are cases where we naturally feel good at it, and then we feel very insecure about it.

I can feel very insecure about certain things, only I don’t show it:).

But that’s not to say I don’t feel insecure (oh yes though!).

We can stay with it, or we can do something about it.I just don’t like living in fear.

A man is not made to feel anxious and worried continuously (after all, it is a life of people).

It is also unnatural and quite limitative.

We cannot enjoy life if we are constantly hampered by our fears and uncertainties.

That is why it is important to identify them in time, to word them and to effectively tackle them.

It can be heard.

The only thing that works for me is meditation and the application of emotional healing techniques.It is the most effective way to handle and overcome your fears.

I certainly feel confident, but this was certainly not always the case.I had to work myself to have more self-confidence in the end. This takes time, but it is more than worth it to start.

I never had confidence.I always felt very low and this has to do with things that had happened in the past, but the strength was in finding who I really was. Look up my talents and look for my passion.

It is an insanely feeling to know yourself what you can and cannot do.Don’t let anyone tell you how you are. You need to get to know yourself and this will make you more confident. Only you can bring yourself to where you want to go. Become your own best friend or your biggest enemy. These choices have everyone in their own hands.

The hunt for self-assurance as ‘ state of being ‘ is meaningless.It comes naturally as you become adept at what you do.

That skill is a sense.It offers you a foundation for more things than just self-assurance.

When I had depression, I had to feel confident, but I did not always succeed.Now I feel confident. I don’t necessarily feel confident., because one time I’m not that one the other time. So on all the three questions, yes.

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