Do you ever drive to a neighbouring country to buy a product that is more expensive in your own country?

Yes, every month.I live in Apeldoorn and I go to Germany every month. With the price difference, travelling there and back does not cost anything. And then what I save on groceries is significant. We give out about €150-€200 at a time to groceries. And then we can join for about a month. I smoke, and I save €17 to a slipper tobacco. If you drink alcohol then you can buy beer for half the price, and shorts for 30 – 50% less. Drugstore products are also often up to 50% less. Many things are also the same price, or maybe slightly more expensive, but the choice and often the quality there also makes it worthwhile. Take meat, cheese, dairy, for example. Moreover, it is also a nice day out, because eating out there is also much better as the Netherlands. And often cheaper too.

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Do you ever drive to a neighbouring country to buy a product that is more expensive in your own country?

The answer is very simple: No.This is because I live in Amsterdam, which is quite a bit away from our neighbours, just apart from the fact that I don’t have a car.

The article you linked confirms what I think is general knowledge: it pays to refuel across the border.Whether it is in Germany or Belgium, when you are near the border, you can better drive a few kilometres (or even 30 kilometres) for a cheap tank.

The fact that I do not travel directly to our neighbouring countries does not mean that I do not get anything from there.Thanks to the internet it is very easy to order something from our neighbouring countries. and are sometimes cheaper than, even if there are delivery costs.That’s why I do order stuff from time to time in our neighbouring countries. In this respect, the Internet has brought the boundaries closer, making it easier for someone who lives an end of the physical boundary to step over and get stuff out of our neighbours.

So although the answer to the question is technically ‘ no ‘, it is actually a bit ‘ yes ‘ thanks to the digital highway.

No, because where I live the border is not open, so that simply takes too much time.And when I lived in the Netherlands the border was an hour and a half away, it should be a lot cheaper to make the travel expenses good.

Yes, to Belgium for Euro95

Obviously, but you have to take all your costs into consideration, to know if it is even cheaper.
From Antwerp to Breda drive for exactly the same Ikea kitchen at 10% less.That is well deserved.

No, the distance to neighbouring countries is too great.

Yes, from Belgium near Ghent, just across the border to Sas Van Gent.Purchases at beverage dozen save a real sip on a drink

I live just a stone’s throw away from the Belgian border and always go refueling there.1.37 for a liter Euro98 is quite fine.

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