Do you eat food whose expiry date is over, but still looks good and smells normal?

I’m almost sure that the cashiers in our grocery store are talking about me.

Not only because I almost always pull out a lot of time for searching for my bonus Card… (Other story, see: answer from Sebastian Toledo on what else are you getting at during checkout? )

And almost certainly they will have a nickname for me:

Not peanut… (Other story, see: answer from Sebastian Toledo on what is something that many of you think but is actually not true? )

But something along the lines of…


Every Monday morning I leave a little earlier to the office and I sign up with our local super.

I noticed that Monday, early in the morning, the meal salads, the expiry date of which still expires on the same day, are discounted.

They are provided with a 35% discount sticker.

I am extremely lazy and will never at home smear my sandwich,

Nevertheless, I am a fast-paced accounterer.

That 35% saves me a monthly salary on an annual basis.

Every Monday morning I get 4 days of meal salads.

3 Meal Salads I eat while the expiry date has already expired.

I have been doing this for quite some time.

I still live.


The last time I suffered food poisoning was in Morocco years ago.

But I also asked myself.

Of course.Expiry date is only an indication. Even if the expiry date is not over but the product no longer looks fresh, I throw it away.

Regularly.I’m going off on my eyes and nose. This is a very much better indication of whether food is edible or not.

I sometimes pick up salads at the AH and, like other responders, I also regularly choose the discounted items.But I’ll forget to eat them. I don’t really like eating, as in, the occupation in itself. I find it only a nasty obligation so it regularly happens that I have to throw away food.

A few weekends ago I had nothing in the house on Sunday and I was hungry at night.There was only one chicken salad that I had bought off a week ago. That was already a week over date. And there was meat in it, chicken.

In Such cases I do the cat test.Give a piece of chicken to one of my cats, eat it up, then it’s good, otherwise don’t stand up. Lately it doesn’t say anything too as they now also pick up their nose for fresh meat (what kind of cat are you?). The cat test failed. But it looked very good, it still smoke well and I still had a pull in the salad. So I took the risk anyway and eaten the salad.

I did not bother.But I regularly have the idea that I am immune to Salmonella ed. I also can’t remember having ever bothered, I often eat chicken and I’m not too careful about it. It simply does not exist that I have never had salmonella bacteria in my body. Just not.

Regularly, there is nothing wrong with that.Especially if the packaging is not yet open, products in your refrigerator will remain good for much longer than the expiry date.

The expiry date is the date on which the producer guarantees that the food is still good, not the date on which they guarantee that it is spoiled.

Even if there is some fungus on it you can remove the bad spots and just eat it, for example bread and cheese.

Yeah I do that, isn’t mind.Expiry date is an indication

If something is no longer tenable, it is corrupted.Maybe not bad yet, but still.

The date on the packaging is the final sale date, not the expiry date.

On the products I buy stands: “At least shelf life up to XX/xx/xx”

At least it means that I can eat it even later than that date:)

All that meats are that are about date, I first give a piece to the cat.If you don’t want to eat it, it’s for the trash.

Chocolate, coffee, sugar,… There is an expiry date everywhere, but none lan actually get bad!


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