Do you believe that you are on earth with a certain purpose or intent?

The highest goal you can have, so I’ve read it, is to pass on your genes.Not man is what counts, your genes is what counts. Man is merely the casing of genes. The only real essential life form is genes. And genes are well packaged. That packaging is you. There your goal: reproduction. This requires a complex system because it can only be a year or fifteen. Our genes have helped us very much in building this system and even give you the illusion that you are doing it. Handsome hé?

All other goals or intentions are part of that illusion.

Gotsiemikkie, what a dismal answers all.Let me try something different: yes, I have a grand goal and my aim is true. All mankind must believe in the other answers, while the question was really: do you believe that you, individually, are on earth somewhere?

Of course!

You are here to give the people you love, your friends, family, relationship, a happy life.To fight against falsity, corruption, poverty, exploitation of your fellow man and of nature.

To enjoy all the good that the world has to offer you: food, art, sensuality, companionship.

To grow into a complete human being who uses all its abilities.To rise above your limited selves by dedicating your heart and soul to a goal that is greater than yourself and that may be unattainable, but that does not thunder; The pursuit itself and in small steps progresses you will experience as extremely meaningful.

And finally, by the positive karma that you have acquired in this life, a further and even better life can go into it.

Yeah though.I have goals and intentions.

In itself is nature, the cosmos, is always on the move.Everything and everyone must constantly adapt to changing circumstances. The theory of evolution says that we are biologically predisposed to strive for the survival of ourselves and especially our species. You could call that a goal. And because people are a social species, our intentions will be focused on shaping and improving a society that makes that possible.

I do not believe that we are on Earth for a particular purpose.A general goal that would be valid for everyone.

I do believe that there is such a thing as a personal meaning of life.And that is in part personal, in part universal.

As people, we all desire connectedness.We want to share ‘ something ‘ with others. And the first one who wants to deny this, can explain to me, what he does here on Quora, the Internet and social media are perhaps the places where this longing for connectedness is expressed.

But we all fill it in differently. Some keep it small-scale and simple, others have bigger and grander plans.Some people set goals (for example: I want to be on a podium for an audience of 10,000 people next year), others are satisfied when they speak to the regulars every Friday in their pub.

But most of what we do is motivated by this desire for connectedness.


Life as a biochemical phenomenon has arisen by chance and evolution is also a completely arbitrary process.There is no plan or purpose behind it.

Certainly is.And luckily you can decide for yourself!

Absolutely not.Life is in essence actually meaningless. As our mind rose we started to get bored. The first devised activity was the conduct of a war. (Not much has changed) We started to kill all sorts of animals for the amusement to find out that even those dead animals (carcasses by now) and suddenly discovered several tools. E.g. the Brainpan to drink. The teeth often turned out to be simple to form a good cutter. Etcetera. You can fill out the rest yourself right? The above also seems to me. However, I hope that I have been able to help you a little in the right direction.

We are here because the fallen angel has seized power in the garden of Eden and after she (Eve) had created the universe they put us here on Earth.If she had never seized power, neither the Earth nor the universe existed, and we still lived without any form of religion in the court of Eden. Where only the good existed and no harm, still diseases or old age.

So all that religious or spiritual nonsense that we are here with a purpose must be forgotten.We have been put down here by her to SUFFER that is the goal.

This goal has been conceived by the Catholic Church and comes down to believing in God and serving him.

The idea is that your life is meaningless unless you serve God.If you choose and reach a different goal yourself, such as billionaire, movie star or president, you end up dying and your name remains in the history booklets.

Atheists settle for a life without a higher goal, except for their share of evolution.

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