Do you believe that people are monogamous? Why or why not?

Yes and no

Of course it differs entirely per person whether you are monogamous or not.But naturally?

A lot of people enjoy sex.Not with anyone, but with quite a lot of different people. The “hookup culture” as they call it. And that has always been the way.

One has hookups, onenightstands, sometimes even affaires when they are in a monogamous relationship.But remarkably enough, only a small proportion of the population is dealing with polygamous relationships.

This is because a relationship is more than sex.A relationship contains love, intimacy, something special that you share with another. It gives you the feeling that you are special to someone and have someone for yourself. People are an emotional species and need to feel special and be intimate with someone. Polygamy undermines this idea for most; After all, someone has several partners and will never be yours alone.

A good example of this can be seen in one of the first episodes of Friends, “The One With the Butt”.In This episode, Chandler gets a relationship with a poly game woman. He is seriously attracted to her, but ultimately he does not succeed in dealing with the fact that she also goes with other men. He must therefore make it at the end of the episode, against his own will.

And for that reason, it is not appealing for the vast majority to have a polygamous relationship, even though one enjoys sex with different people.

Most people are sexually polygamous, but emotionally monogamous.

And that can cause conflict. Chandler worded it as follows;

It’s like I’m two guys, y’know?

I mean, one guy’s going to Shut up! This is great! ‘ But There’s this other guy. Actually It’s the same guy that wells up every time that Grinch’s heart grows three sizes and breaks that measuring device… And He’s saying, y’know, ‘ This is too hard! Get out! Get out! ‘

“Not the consciousness of the people thus determines their being, but conversely, their social being determines their consciousness” (Karl Marx 1859)

In other words, people are mono or polygamous as long as it is economically, politically or socially profitable. The human psyche is flexible and as soon as the quality of your life becomes better by monogamous, polygamous or isolated, we see it by itself.

I do not believe that people are monogamous, but many people are attached to Monogam.

Organically, people benefit when not only the mother educates the children.According to the theory, the woman uses sex to bind the father in a monogamous relationship, so that she not only needs to educate the children.

This theory goes beyond the fact that the mother also has sisters and brothers and parents to educate the children.

Often the bond between man and woman turns out to be short-lasting.Successful men can also afford a second wife.

Also, the theory goes beyond the fact that man and woman often take care of the children together while sex is no longer there. The man find his convenience outdoors, without the relationship suffering beneath it.Contrary. The man is relaxed and does not suffer that she is failing him. He just loves her as she is.

Also a woman can have a child with another, a ‘ Wow! ‘ -Man while her husband is only a sulletje.

It is clear that the monogamy is in most cases but appearances. From religion, a monogamous straitjacket is often put on society, which also raises many interesting questions.

Women were monogamous because the consequences for them were much greater if they did not.If you were pregnant as a woman but had no partner then you had a very big problem at the time. You cannot look at the past with contemporary glasses.

It is true that there are many changes in the relationship between men and women.But everyone should stop demonising men once. This propaganda is already being poured into elementary school. Men and women have always been dependent on each other and have had to work together to keep the children alive. The infant mortality rate was enormous.

Women could not work in the coal mines or do other heavy physical labor.It was even difficult for women to go out of the door due to a lack of sanitary facilities. There were still no tampons and the like at the time. So a woman had just as much benefit from monogamy as a man. Women did not have to have possession at the time, because the man was responsible for caring for her even when they separated.

Nowadays, very few women are still monogamous.This has increased even further by the emergence of contraceptives, the legalisation of abortion and assistance benefits. The result is a large percentage of households with single mothers, many of whom have difficulty in getting involved in society, performing worse at school and more at risk of developing an addiction.

Women have it completely for saying nowadays.Men are grubbing up to be as good as possible for the day and a woman chooses someone with whom she has sex.

The society changed and that is fine but let it go on its course and don’t force things to run by telling our children all lies in school.You always have rotten apples in between but men are not bad.

Monogamy is (little romantic) a consequence of economic growth and a result of the invention of the ‘ possession ‘.

In the time we ran with Speer and knots through the Pampa, there was no monogamy.There was probably something like a sexual preference: one partner was more attractive than the other. But the woman was free in the choice of a sexual partner.

When man settled down because of agriculture, it was also able to gather things and build possession.The one gathered more, or nicer things than the other and regarded this as possession. Eventually one wanted to retain possession, even after death, and an obvious way was to pass it on to your children. But then you had to know for sure that they were your own children. That happened by ‘ colonizing ‘ the sexual partner, taking possession: ‘ This is my wife ‘. About there the man woman lost her sexual freedom-for a long time she loses even her sexuality completely: a ‘ sexual ‘ woman is then a risk. That was reason women would deny sexual feelings.

Another question on Quora relates to the ‘ orgasm-gap ‘.In the above you will find a starting point of this gap. The woman is just as hot as the man but thousands of years of oppression of female sexuality has taken her toll: The woman has lost her sexual freedom and surprisingly often also her sexuality: many inhibitions must be overcome to To enjoy again freely.

Very ugly summed up: monogamy is a blessing for the man and a curse for the woman.The toll that the man pays is that he is at risk of a woman who is difficult to get to temperature. Apparently it was worth that.

Believe I find a very objectionous word here.Rather I use know.

Some 65% are serial monogamous, 35% is not.But to keep it simple, no not everyone, but the majority does.

And why.I have ever read an interesting study on oxytocin receptors and the hormone vasopressin. That was following a documentary about Marmots on I believe the BBC or Discovery Channel, I think in the time that Discovery Channel was still good. I had previously seen something about an anonymous survey done in the 1960s.

Believe me was an eye opener.Quite a lot of behaviour of the female people in a student flat.

The eye opener is also aggression.;)

Damn simple pattern If your definition knows it well.;)

No, people are not monogamous.No ape-like is monogamous and people are no different.

First a distinction.”Monogamous” means popularly social and sexual monogamous.

People are (reasonably) social monogamous.We are partnerships to educate children, but our need for other sexual partners continues to exist. People around the world are giving a different hearing.


Unfortunately I could not find a link but I have read about a tribe where a woman decides to get a child, chooses several partners here and once the child is born the men with whom she has had sex all accept the responsibility of Father.Shared fatherhood, say.

Monogamy is pagan, according to the Bible.

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