Do you believe in religion or science?

First of all, I think either-or questions are trivial.
I answer the above question in this way: natural science and the humanities are one, have been divided and become one again.Both are based on intuition and faith.
Religion and science – they do not excludethemselves, but complement and interchange each other.That was the insight of Max Planck.

  • It has taken thousands of years to Scientists and seekers have resumed the laws of nature and the Laws of God as reflections of the same Truth to understand.

Rosalyn L. Bruyere (*1946) American energy healer, aura-sighted, spiritual teacher, white medical woman, author, The Secret of chakras.Our Light and Energy Centres, Chapter 1 “The Ancient and Modern Mysticism“, p. 23, Heyne Verlag, 5th edition 1994

I agree with Bruyere and Wolfgang Pauli, a far-sighted man who, together with C.G. Jung, introduced the term synchronicity.

  • My personal view is that in a future science reality will not be “psychic” or “physical”, but somehow both and somehow neither.
    Wolfgang Pauli (1900-1958) Austrian theoretical physicist, pioneer of quantum physics, Nobel Prize winner in physics, 1945, letter to Abraham Pais, August 17, 1950, quoted in: Karl von Meyenn, German physicist, physics historian, editor, Wolfgang Pauli.

Scientific Exchange of Letters, Volume IV, Part I: 1950-1952, p. 152, Springer, Berlin, 1996

One more.

  • Science cannot solve the last mysteries of nature [creation.

It cannot because we ourselves are part of nature and thus also part of the riddle that we want to solve. Max Planck (1858-1947) German theoretical physicist, founder of quantum theory, Nobel Prize winner in physics, 1918, source unknown

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