Do you believe in God?


The answer is yes,for the following reasons.Let me start with an example.

Two people stand in front of a house, one of which says the house happened to be built.

The other replies: This is nonsense.Craftsmen and construction workers built it, and an architect designed it.

Now the two people are facing the universe.One says: The universe was created by chance.

The other replies: This is also nonsense.The universe did not come about by chance, because it is full of intelligence and thoughtful planning. Behind this great universe is an awareness that comes from the greatest architect we can call God or Krishna.

Let me go on.

The important pillars of physics are energy and information.This is generally accepted in science. Everything is based on information, because otherwise the energy “wouldn’t know” what it was supposed to be, whether in matter (mass), light or heat. The fact that energy exists at all means that it must contain information, because without it it would not exist.

The question now is, where does this ingenious and intelligent information come from?When we look around the world in this way, we realize that information always comes from a consciousness (reduction). We also realize that consciousness is always to be traced back to one person. We can call this person God or Krishna. Why not.
This is the so-called cosmological proof of God.Thus, the Big Bang, the universe, evolution did not arise by chance, but from an consciousness.

to pour:
Information is the often forgotten third pillar of physics besides matter and energy – WORLD

Energy, mass and information by Professor Dr. Klaus Hofer, quote:…
“….the natural greats … that hold the world together within and determine the things and appearances around us. These are the two physical variables energy and mass as well as the intangible size information. While the connections between energy and mass are sufficiently known according to the superstring theory, there is only the philosophical realization about the information that it is inseparably bound to energy and matter.”

“Matter in itself does not exist, there is only the invigorating, invisible, immortal spirit as the primal ground of matter …. which I do not shy away from calling God.”
Max Planck (1858-1947), German physicist, founder of quantum theory
Quotes and sayings about God and faith, for reflection!

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