Do you believe in a life after death?

I am convinced that there is a life before and after physical death.

Personal testimonies of long-term near-death survivors

  • What I see is who I am.

And what I am is what I see; for there are no borders, nowhere separation, nowhere inside and nowhere an outside! What I see is happening, and what happens is me.
Interview with Mario Mantese (*1951) Swiss near-deathsurvivor, philosophical-spiritual author, Master M – Light of Pure Love, PDF, December 13, 2004, presented by the German magazine Lichtfokus, Munich, issue 9, 14 February 2005

  • All awareness content is available at the same time.
  • And also all the contents of the unconscious. I see how the events took place, and I see how I bent them myself when i was saving them. simultaneous. There is no linearity, no chronology.Chronology is a self-delusion of the living who think they can make a career and love from marriage to funeral.
    Péter Nadas (*1942) Hungarian writer, The Own Death, Steidl, 2002

  • I moved through a tunnel with a bright light at the end.
  • [… And then there was this extreme euphoria. It is paradoxical that perhaps the happiest moment of my life was the one in which I was physically the worst.
    Prof.Gerhard Roth (*1942) German biologist, behavioral physiologist, brain researcher, University of Bremen, author

  • After exhausting procedures, the patient opens his eyes and tells the astonished doctors: “It was wrong of you to bring me back from such a wonderful place.
  • When I go again, let me.” David R. Wheeler, Journey to the Other Side, 97, Ace Books, New York, 1977

  • Suddenly, a man who stood on the left in front of the tunnel exit spoke to me; he looked like my father, whom I only know from pictures, since he died when I was four years old.
  • He said to me, “You must not go out of the tunnel, otherwise you will never come back. Turn around, you’re still needed.” I then went back down the tunnel, although it would have been nicer on the other side. Günter Ewald, On the Threshold to the Beyond, p. 42, Matthias-Grünewald-Verlag, Mainz, 2001

  • There my body was lying on the table, and I was hovering over it and watching everything like in a movie.
  • It was very realistic. I was able to glide through the wall of the kreißsaal and floated down through the rooms of the hospital. I don’t know what I actually looked like. I think I was a transparent cloud, but despite my appearance, no one seemed to notice that I was floating very close to them through the air. I suppose I was invisible to them, even though I could see and hear them very well.
    Ian Currie, Nobody Dies Forever, p. 186, First edition 1993, Orbis, 1st edition 2000

  • I got very heavy bleeding after the birth of my daughter and was surrounded by medical staff who took care of me.
  • I was in great pain. Then the pain was suddenly over, and I looked down at those who were struggling with me. I heard a doctor say he couldn’t find the pulse anymore. Next I went through a tunnel up to a bright light. But I never got to the end of the tunnel. A soft voice told me i had to return. Then I met a dear friend, a neighbor from the city from which we had moved. He also told me to repent. As if hit by an electric shock, I popped up on the hospital bed, and the pain was back. Now I was driven to the operating room as soon as possible, where the bleeding was to be brought to a halt surgically. It wasn’t until weeks later that my husband found that I was well enough to tell me: the dear friend there in the other city had died in a car accident on the day my daughter was born.
    Evelyn Alsatian-Valarino (*1954) Swiss death researcher, experiences on the threshold of death.Scientists comment on near-death experience, p. 45f., first edition 1995, Ariston Verlag, 2nd edition December 1998

  • People came to the accident site from all directions.
  • I saw them closely. I was in the middle of a narrow sidewalk. So in any case they walked past me and obviously didn’t see me at all. They just kept running and looked stubbornly straight. As soon as they got very close, I tried to turn to the side to let them pass by – but they actually ran through me! Evelyn Alsatian-Valarino (*1954) Swiss death researcher, experiences on the threshold of death.Scientists comment on near-death experience, p. 45f., first edition 1995, Ariston Verlag, 2nd edition December 1998

  • I felt that this figure was nothing more than a ghost.
  • I wasn’t a body, just a smoke thread or a vapor veil. It looked most like the clouds of cigarette smoke floating around a lamp. The figure I became, however, had colors. There was orange, yellow and a hue that I can’t pinpoint – I saw it as indigo, a bluish nuance.
    Dr.Raymond A. Moody (*1944) American psychiatrist, parapsychologist, philosopher, near-death researcher, successful author, life after death.The Exploration of an Inexplicable Experience, p. 110, rororo, Reinbek near Hamburg, 1993, 12th edition 1 November 2001

    Book recommendations

    Willem (Pim) van Lommel (*1943) Dutch physician, cardiologist, scientist, near-death researcher, head of a prospective near-death study, speaker, author, endless consciousness.New Medical Facts on Near-Death Experience, Patmos Publishing Group, September 15, 2009 Eben Alexander III (*1953) US-amerkan neurosurgeon, near-death survivor, lecturer, author, look into eternity.The fascinating near-death experience of a neurosurgeon, Ansata, 3rd edition 4 March 2013

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