Do we overestimate the danger of Russia, given the country’s very limited economy?

This is again a long answer, so I explain FF in advance of why it is long. First, it’s about what Russia is doing exactly now.This list is no longer a sketch. Then it’s about why Russia do this. It turns out that if you have deepened in the Russian history of the past 30 years, that Russia is not performing a master plan, but that it is about exporting a worldview that sui generis originated within Russia under Putins Reign.This too is no longer a sketch, but sources are given for the people who are interested in learning more about Russia.

Russia is doing very hard to disrupt the international order.As the economy of Russia is so limited, asymmetric strategies such as hacks or spying are used. Probably Russia feels lawful to fight ‘ nasty ‘ because the economy is smaller. The rhetoric from Russia is often passive-aggressive. They feel the victim that after all the bullying from the west was going to strike back. During the annexation speech of Crimea, Putin has more or less given a declaration of war[1 , and Russia has since been consistently hostile.

For example, by ignoring international agreements, such as removing the military insignia during the invasion of Crimea.Or the use of cluster bombs and white phosphorus on the population of Aleppo. So apart from the fact that they are annexating a country or bombarding the citizens of Syria with weapons so gruesome that one has agreed not to use them, is deliberately violated international law. (Because Russia not only uses asymmetric strategy, but is actually entering wars, one speaks of hybrid warfare.)

A relevant example of asymmetric strategy is interference in democratic processes.Especially in Eastern Europe you get special stories. The parties receiving support are always controversial parties with antiliberal tendencies. Far-right European politicians have flown to the Crimea to observe the referendum that the rest of the world had boycotted, and they concluded that the vote was legitimate. Le Pen has even openly asked for money (27 million) from the Kremlin. Encouraging populists by Russia is a pattern that manifests itself throughout the liberal world. One can only speculate why the FvD does not support the JIT…

Spying is also part of the asymmetric strategy.Such as using a nerve poison on the Skripal family in the UK. Or the recent attempt of Russian spies to infiltrate the OPCW in The Hague. What is special about both cases is that it happened so loud, that it is only brutal to mention. But it’s not just about sending spies. The AIVD warns of an increase in attempts to recruit human resources from home soil.

Under Putin, Russia has refined this strategy of political influence and disinformation in its neighbouring countries, such as Ukraine, Georgia and Central Asian countries, between around 2000 and 2010.This was sometimes about violent campaigns to get and keep pro-Russian governments in the saddle, such as the poisoning and mutilation of the political opponent of Yanukovich, but influence on media and financing of parties was firm jab. Since 2010, this strategy has been exported to further ports.
The increased aggression is likely to be in response to the color revolutions that took place in former satellite states, such as the Maidan of Ukraine, or the Rose Revolution of Georgia.Putin probably believed that these revolutions have been initiated by the E.U. and the US as it is worth, after all, he trusts his guests.

But however extreme this situation seems, the most bizarre is to see how this cynical way of politics in Putins Russia itself works.This way of political companies is not just foreign policy, but this is the way Russia works at the moment. The Russians know eg. That their democracy is clean, but what else can you think of as in that seeming? It has become a post-modern game, mainly through the use of Putins right hand Surkov, who sponsors the extreme right, LHBT, feminists, religious conservatism, anti-Putin and pro-Putin Knok plows, so that nothing arises beyond the influence of the Kremlin. Even the political opposition was supported by Surkov. And here it becomes totally bizarre; Surkov has even talked about this, and let us know that this is happening, with the effect that no one knows what is true. Political activism does exist, but no one trusts it, and nobody believes it. If you want to know more about this, you can read the book Nothing is True, Everything is Possible by British journalist Peter Pomerantsev.
This is what Russia exports through the social media campaigns; Distrust in journalism, democracy, morality and knowledge.For example: “How can we ever know something about the MH17 if there are 20 theories and nobody ever really sees what is happening behind the scenes?” Someone like Baudet can claim this with steel face, because this kind of cynicism is already a small factor within the Dutch society. This is an intentional attempt to undermine interest in the subject, as the Russians have themselves launched the 20 different theories surrounding the MH17. This is the new propaganda; Not sending one message, but you send it as much as possible so that no one yet believes that the truth is to be determined.
So you also see why it is not bad for the Russians when it is said that the Russians are sitting behind it.Perhaps this statement only strengthens the worldview that the Russians themselves already communicate, that NML. Nothing to trust. This is the biggest danger I see from Russia towards the Netherlands.

Conclusion: The AIVD, the army, and all European intelligence services warn of Russian danger in the form of hybrid warfare, a form of struggle that is aligned with the potential of economically weaker countries.When you look around in journalism, such as PBS series the Putin Files, where high-level politicians, officials, diplomats, activists and journalists are interviewed from Russia and America, and you hear from both sides that there is indeed a Conflict is going on, you have to assume that Russia is a dangerous element. And given what the investigative journalists and the Secret Service tell me, I’m taking ‘ n grain of salt when Mr Wilders and Mr Baudet claim that the position of defence is exaggerated.


[1 Putin Justifies Russia’s annexation of Crimea (with English subtitles)

I can find yes. In my opinion Russia is wrongly placed in a kind of a very small corner.In relation to the US and Trump’s puppets, there is hardly any money spent on defense.

Largely though, yes.

That being said, Putin is a very weighable politician who manages to weigh his weight on international politics.Good example: If Putin does indeed have Trump ‘ in his power ‘, he has a great influence on the world’s greatest economic and military power.

Moreover, Russia remains a nuclear power and Russia also has good relations with certain other countries (including China).So you can’t just see Russia.

So Russia is certainly more than what GDP suggests, but it is indeed a small and fragile economy, and it is often about the economy.

The population of Russia is roughly they large as of Germany and France together.The economy is about half of that of France and is also very unilateral on the export of fossil fuels (oil and gas) based.

So no we must not exaggerate the power of Vladimir Vladimirovich, but underestimate is also very unwise.He is an important politician who masterfully manages to outdo those weaknesses of Western society. His powerful weapon is the internet propaganda.

Yes and No.

The USSR was disintegrat at the time in its subrepublics.Tsarist Russia broadly coincided geographically with the USSR. A huge large country.

Putin wants to restore the stupidities of Gorbachev.In any case, he wants good relations with the Vasal states. It is precisely because Russia does not propose so much economically and has powerful opponents in the West, this is a good understanding.

From Europe we have a kind of war with Russia.Why is difficult to understand. Through the war there is also propaganda and censorship. Western propaganda consists of making Putin black. Xi Jinping We dare not make as black. The Russian propaganda in the West consists of spreading disinformation.

At the same time we are trading with Russia.Preferably we get the natural gas as cheaply as possible.

The USA runs the war Cyniser, because it has hardly any ideals and is therefore the serious opponent of Russia.

Russia has more reason to feel threatened than we are in the West.With Trump, they now have an idiot in the White House, but he’s not quite the boyfriend of Russia that they had hoped he would be. Especially because Trump does not manage to surround themselves with people who are weaker than himself.

The intake of Crimea is understandable from the Russian point of view.The main Russian port lies there. The attempts to release Ukraine from Russia from the West have to do with the desire to weaken Russia.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are also in a danger zone.I think Putin is doing nothing out of fear for the USA. Mutual deterrence by atomic weapons

Russia is, in particular, under tremendous pressure from the West, although it seems to be much smarter than we do with disinformation.

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